“Have Bible, Will Travel” A ministry of helps to USA pastors and churches “Have Bible, Will Travel” ministries include: Pulpit supply:
  •   Pastoral vacations
  •   Pastoral or family illness
  •   Relieve missionary pastors to report to their churches
Church consultation:
  •   To Biblically educate and encourage in the application of Bible principles involving church challenges
  •   To Biblically educate and assist churches in their search for God’s direction in calling a new pastor
Pastor Hamilton graduated from Baptist Bible Seminary of Johnson City, NY.  He has been a pastor for over 45 years and a member of the councils of Wisconsin and Florida. He has spoken in the state fellowships of three states and was Vice-President of International Christian Youth.  He has also authored books exposing Transcendental Meditation and follow-up materials for new believers. He joined IGM in 2011.   Newsletters