Olatounde Rock Junior Otekpola, Benin

Though he was brought up in a Christian home, his father being a pastor, his personal relationship with God began in 1995 during a youth camp organized by his home church. During this camp, he heard the Gospel of salvation and felt in his heart the need to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He confessed publicly Christ and his personal relationship started there. He was baptized in 2003.
After his father passed away, he left his former home church and joined his present home church after meeting Pastor Jean-Baptiste Adjibocha. Pastor Adjibocha got him involved in leading youth and music ministries. Later on, he was called to teach the baptism classes and shortly after that, was asked to preach. Then, the pastor asked him to prayerfully consider serving as pastor. After a time of prayer and reflection, he made the decision to enter the pastoral ministry in obedience to God’s calling as it clearly appeared to him.