I greet you all in the beautiful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ in Whom we have life, movement and being. Receive greetings from brothers and sisters in the faith of our churches in Benin.

I bless the Lord for His grace towards me and my family. By the grace of God, our children were able to start school even though they have some health problems these days. School is a new experience for them and we had a lot of questions! But our Lord was in charge and they adapted pretty quickly. Pray for us that they will be healthy throughout the year and that their school experience will be a success.

We bless the Lord for the encouragement He gives us in ministry. Our churches continue to work together to strengthen each other. This is how outings took place, dedicated to couples and married people on the one hand, then to young men and young girls on the other. Families being the foundation of the church, it is appropriate to give them all the teaching necessary for their proper functioning; just as it is just as important to properly supervise young people to equip them to meet the challenges of our time. Our prayer is that these teachings particularly reach young people so that they can make a difference in their environment.

Also, thanks to the Lord, the construction of the temple of our church in Zopah in the commune of Calavi continues. A crucial step was taken with the making of the slab. Now the second phase of this project will involve fitting out the interior with the windows and doors we must make, flooring, and other additional work. We are calling on our friends for spiritual support in prayer and material support to carry out this project.



– Pray for the continuation of the Zopah temple construction project so that it can be completed.

– Pray that our evangelization efforts bear fruit.

– Pray for the strengthening of our brothers and sisters in the faith.

– For good physical and spiritual health for me, my wife and our two boys

– Pray for the academic success of our children.


Pastor Rock Otekpola