Praise and thanksgiving:
1. We offer our gratitude to God for the remarkable growth in our church’s ministry and the establishment of new churches under His guidance and provision. The members of the Inabangga church planting have significantly increased in number and are enthusiastically engaged in sharing the gospel with their neighbors and friends. We are also thrilled that they have acquired a piece of land for the construction of a church building, allowing them to gather and worship in a more suitable space. Nearly 100 people now attend their Sunday services. Similarly, the church planting efforts in Carcar have seen substantial growth, having recently acquired a piece of land and a small church building. The congregation is now able to support their pastor, although our main church still provides them with monthly financial assistance. In Danao, the church planting initiative has successfully built their church building and is expanding it to accommodate their growing numbers. Other newly established churches have initiated fellowship gatherings in their homes.
2. We also praise God for the successful gathering of our youth. In July 2023, approximately 50 young men and women participated in our youth leadership camp with the theme “Redeemed.” Currently, the youth are receiving discipleship every Sunday and are studying the New Testament Survey, thanks to the resources generously provided by an American friend. They have also undergone a year of training in the music ministry to use their musical skills and talents to serve God. They now lead worship services on the second and last Sunday of each month.
3. Glory be to God for the succession of joyous events in our family. Our eldest daughter, Jither, tied the knot last April, and in August, my son, Jireh, also got married. We are thankful for God’s provision, which allowed the entire family to travel to Davao in the southern part of Mindanao, the hometown of Jireh’s wife. However, after the wedding, some of us fell ill due to the journey. For two months, we were unwell, all while preparing for the start of the school year at Beracha, which commenced in August immediately after the wedding. It was an exceptionally busy month. Nevertheless, we give thanks to God for blessing us with 60 students. Though the income from the school is insufficient to cover all expenses, we believe that the school is not solely for our financial wellbeing but serves as a means to spread the ministry of the gospel by ensuring that every child hears the Word of God daily. Consequently, we are promoting a program: “Adopt a Teacher” to our Christian friends who have the financial means to support a teacher every month.
1. We humbly request your prayers for our health and safety as we embark on visits to our supported churches in various regions. Our mission is to offer encouragement to fellow pastors and ministers in the field. Currently, Julie and I have been traveling to Bohol to provide support to the churches there. We ask for your prayers for their spiritual growth.
2. Please join us in praying for the revival of the Bible school in Naga. It has been more than 30 years since its closure due to doctrinal issues, including the practice of transcendental meditation. We hold a strong desire to reestablish this institution and equip the next generation with sound doctrine.
3. Please join us in prayer for Beracha Christian Academy, asking that God bless the students with spiritual growth and a transformation in their behavior, enabling them to become more Christ-like. Additionally, we have a pressing request for our teachers who are in need of laptops. We pray that God may provide generous donors to supply 6 laptops for our dedicated educators.
4. We kindly ask for your prayers for our growing family. Jireh’s wife is currently in Kuwait and is expecting a child. Please pray for her protection and a safe pregnancy. This week, we received the news that Jasper’s wife is also pregnant. We seek your prayers for both mothers and their babies, asking that they remain healthy and experience a safe delivery.
In the service of the King,
Joe, Julie and family