“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

Isaiah 55:11


What a joy to take this promise and see it come to happen! God has been good to us as we continue to do just that, preach His word. Many times, we get to the point to wonder what we are doing, but then remember God´s promise, His word will not return in vain. Here we are coming to the end of another year and God has still been faithful.

In June and July, we had the opportunity to preach for our pastor in Texas as he was on vacation. It was a special blessing to be close to our son and his family, especially with our granddaughters Lyanna and Helen. Grand kids are a special treat, and we love on them as much as possible. Lyanna is 5 and Helen is 1. It is a joy to see the family serving in their local church.

While in Texas we were able to visit family in Mexico.

We had a good day of sitting and talking with my sister Crystal, and visit her family now serving in Garcia, Nuevo León, Mexico. The Lord blessed them as they were able to get property and they are now building the church on their second floor. They have been through many things, but God has showed himself faithful to them.

We thank the Lord for His faithfulness to us as we continue to minister in our church here in NC. We have seen the Devil work and some people have left. But we rejoice in seeing God work in the lives of others.

We have been able to teach them the basics of the Gospel and see them begin to grow in their desire to walk with the Lord and see their own kids walk with the Lord. We pray God will continue to work in their lives.

In the last couple of months, we have had a couple of missionaries visit. One of them was the Duran family. (This is Crystal´s daughter and family who are missionaries in Ecuador.  Rebeca, Juan, Matías and Ayna.) They have been in Ecuador for 6 years working with another missionary. This coming year the Lord is leading them to start another church working on their own. Please pray for this.

As they presented their work God touched the heart of our people to support their ministry. This has been an encouragement to us, to see God doing his work in our people.

Also, medical issues have come. Ramona needs knee surgery. We are planning to go to Texas/Mexico this month to get this done. Medical costs are cheaper in Mexico (and we do not have medical insurance). Pray for the surgery and for the expenses in this matter.

Due to funds, Natanael was not able to return to BJU this year. The Lord provided him with a good job here in town, so this has been good to have him home and helping in the church as well.

Pray for Jacob and Melissa. This year Melissa was able to get a job in a public school where the wages are better and plus, she gets medical insurance. It has been different for her, but she has been a testimony there. Jacob is studying online his Master´s degree and again the Lord has made it clear to him that they will go to the mission field. Please pray for this also.

It is always a joy to serve our Lord! I still preach every morning on Facebook for our Hispanic people. I have received feedback in situations God has been working and hearing these messages are a blessing to many.

One thing the Lord reminds me of is to be faithful as He has been faithful to us. Thank you again for your faithfulness in standing with us as we have served the Lord in the Hispanic ministry over all these years.

Any time you are in our area we would love to have you in our home and church. Come and see first hand what God is doing!

For His Service,

Timothy and Ramona Abbott