“Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all.” I Chronicles 29:11

We are very thankful to the Lord and to all our friends. The Lord answered our prayers. The team from Idaho was in Togo from October 16th to 23rd as mentioned in the previous newsletter. The Pastors’ conference, the Women’s conference, and the children’s program went well. And the team was involved in the Sunday program at Temple Shalom. What a blessing we have been to each other. The Spirit of the Lord worked in all these activities. They had not even left yet but people were asking them to come back. Please, continue praying that what they have sown may bring more fruits for His glory. Before the team left that Monday for Lome to take the plane to return to the States, they visited our Baptist Bible Bilingual School in the morning. They went through each classroom, shared a word and sang a song in French. “Mon Dieu est si grand, si fort, si puissant rien n’est impossible à Lui … / My God is so big, so strong and so mighty; There’s nothing my God can not do …” The school children learned it after their departure and are enjoying it.

And on our way to Lome, the team stopped and met two of our pastors who are serving in the town with the highest population of Muslims in Togo. The Lord blessed and both churches have their own land. But one has a large concrete building while the other one has a small room which cannot contain them. The Lord has provided for a good concrete foundation for them which is completed. Please, pray with us that the Lord provides for building.


I had the opportunity to visit a village about 45 km east from Lome on Saturday October 28th. It is a ministry started by a pastor friend. This pastor was at the conference and enjoyed it. He asked me to help him in that area because this ministry is dying. I gave a short message of encouragement that evening because I had to be in another church the following day. And Sunday the 29th, this village church had a good turnout for the morning service. I preached in this pastor’s main church which is in Lome last Sunday, October 29th. It is not a big church. There were about 80 that Sunday but they have a good spirit and a good heart for serving. The pastor of this small church in Lome sent a pastor to the village church we went to Saturday. They have been paying him but he did not do well. So, he left the church. Therefore, the church of Lome is now sending a brother from the main church to this village church each weekend. They are hoping to train a called brother to install him there as the pastor for this village church. The main church of Lome started putting aside some money to buy the land where they are worshipping now. I do not know when they will reach that amount because they are so far from what the landlord is asking. Please pray for the revival of this village church of Ganave and for the Lord to bless the main church to come up with the amount they need to buy this piece of the land for the main church building in the area of Baguida.

As you all know, the Lord can continue doing greater things even among the small group we are. But we are praying that the Lord may add more supporters to the team as He wills.

We are always so thankful for those who are praying, for those who are concerned for our well being, and for those who are faithful supporting us financially.

May all the glory be given to our Heavenly Father.


In the Service of the King of Kings,

Pastor Paul & Nicole ASSIGNON