To our Wonderful Inner Circle Family:

It is always good to communicate with you anticipating your continued prayers for Nancy and me. We would feel incomplete without you as a part of our team. The last several months have been busy in the ministry: participating in a Mission Conference updating the national pastors they support and sharing the Word on “Developing a Biblical Worldview.” I also had the privilege to fill the pulpit for one of our Council members, filling in for our Life Group at our home church, teaching a Zoom class for pastors and church leaders every Thursday at 11:00 am on “The Dynamics of Intra—Body Relationships”, and lining up approximately 38 meetings for the two IGM men coming the first part of September through October 15th.  It is always a joy to talk and pray with pastors when attempting to set up meetings. I will be very much involved in taking one of the national pastors each week up to one or two days each week. Pastor Peter Nilson and Vijay Kummaragunta are two very special men that I deeply love in the Lord. Our Mission Agency is always on our heart and mind and praying for the administration and promoting IGM whenever the opportunity arises.

To be honest, I haven’t figured out yet what it is to be a “director emeritus” but it would seem like everyone comments, “How is retirement going?”  My answer is very simple, “What’s that?” Believe me, I am not complaining because I truly enjoy serving our Lord and His precious servants and people! The hymn says it so well, “There is Joy in serving Jesus, Joy that throbs within my heart!” One of the best blessings that I appreciate so much is the time I have to spend with the bride of my youth.  I have found we are communicating more, sharing more, caring for one another more. It is good not to have to carry the load of issues that I once carried for the partners and donors of IGM and the daily pressures that came with administration even though we still pray and encourage them when possible. Other than this, we are more free to minster to His people around the world.

I certainly trust you are doing well in your journey for our Lord. You know He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you!—Hebrews 13:5

Your prayers on our behalf are so important and without you, it would be a very lonely journey.  Thanks for being you!  Don’t become discouraged. He is coming as He promised!  Our assignment as His children is to bring glory to God in all that we say and do! —1 Corinthians 10:31

In Gratefulness and His Unconditional Love,

Gary and Nancy Newhart, Your Missionaries


For His sustaining grace

For His constant protection

For His perfect plan for the journey that is ahead of us



Continued health and strength as we continue our journey with the Lord and IGM(Gary—July 13—MRI of kidney to check spot discovered in March. Dr. visit on July 25 no change just keep an eye on it. Check in 6 months ultra-sound)

Continued financial support, both for personal and travel

Our Family, IGM Family,  Bible-Based American churches

Wedding—Grandson—Jonathan to Rachel—September 3, 2023, Goode, VA

Showing our appreciation and gratitude to all of IGM’s supporters.

Taking men around to churches and special meetings September 10-October 15


Kanfidini & Georgette Yonli—Has safely returned from his USA trip. Pray for the medical center construction that is to begin very soon.



There is joy in serving Jesus

As I journey on my way,

Joy that fills the heart with praises,

Ev’ry hour and ev’ry day.

There is joy, joy, Joy in serving Jesus,

Joy that throbs within my heart;

Ev’ry moment, ev’ry hour,

As I draw upon His power,

There is joy, joy Joy

that never shall depart.

There is joy in serving Jesus,

Joy amid the darkest night.

For I’ve learned the wondrous secret,

And I’m walking in the light.

There is joy, joy Joy in serving Jesus,

Joy that throbs within my heart;

Ev’ry moment, ev’ry hour,

As I draw upon His power,

There is joy, joy Joy

that never shall depart.

Written by Oswald J. Smith