The book, ‘Hard Places in the Ways of Faith,’ by A. B. Simpson, reads: “God’s promises and His providence do not lift us from the world of common sense and everyday trials, for it is through these very things that our faith is perfected.” This is an insightful thought for believers today. We need the reminder that our belief in Christ will not exempt us from daily struggles that come for the testing of our faith. In God’s eternal plan, ordinary people like you and me are intended to make an impact by doing little common-sense things that honors God and benefits the cause of Christ. Everything we do counts. Hence, we are to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and not lean on our own understanding. Proverbs 3:5. Although it is difficult to trust the Lord in times of uncertainty, we are commanded to do so by our loving eternal God.

Summer update

My wife Flo and I made a trip to Jamaica to see our children and attend the wedding of our eldest daughter, Kehlesia. We now have a wonderful son-in-law.  He is a wonderful believer, who by God’s grace will someday raise godly children with his wife. Pray for the newlyweds, Raniel and Kehlesia.

During my trip, I was able to visit a national church planter who is establishing a new work. I also preached in local churches, distributed additional VBS curriculum, and conducted Vacation Bible School training.  I am happy to inform you that I can report that 43 children were converted.  These salvation decisions were from churches that participated in the IGM Vacation Bible School training in May 2023 and were recipients of the Vacation Bible School resources that were shipped to Jamaica. Thanks to all those who gave so these recycled resources could be used to reach these precious souls for Christ.

Sadly, during the summer, I received reports that the pastor who led me to faith in Christ, Pastor Delroy Campbell, went home to be with the Lord. I was summoned to speak at his funeral service, which was both a challenge and a blessing. Although there was much grief, there was equally joy in knowing that his life glorified God by the sacrifices he made to reach others for Christ. I stand as a witness.

Since my return to Florida, my wife and I relocated within the city of Spring Hill. Our new address is: 2030 Escobar Avenue, Spring Hill, Florida 34608.

Fall Effort

As we approach Fall 2023, I have been kept busy trying to book meetings for an IGM national pastor that will be visiting Florida during the month of October. I have also been visiting churches to raise awareness about the important ministry of IGM. Our ministry has positioned itself to fill the supply chain with needed resources to nationals that are fulfilling the Great Commission.

Please stand with me in prayer as I continue to raise my personal support. I am just about 25 to 30%. Additionally, in November and December I will increase the effort to advocate for national church planters and pastors needing monthly support to help in their ministry. God bless you as together we cooperate and serve in the supply chain bringing the gospel to the “end of the world,” Matthew 28:20.

Yours truly,

Rev. Leroy E. Thompson

IGM Missions Field Coordinator to

the Caribbean and Underserved.