Greetings, Prayer Partners and Supporters!

Here in Kenya, East Africa, we are doing well and thank God for His grace.

This year, we planted a church in Mangororo village which is about 50 KM from Voice of Hope Baptist Church in Kikimbala. After several visits for evangelism, we started Sunday worship under a tree as one family agreed to let us worship on their property. We started with an attendance of 51. Every Sunday, the attendance is growing, and people are coming to Christ. We glorify God for His wonderful grace.

We have a pressing need for a place to worship. Seasonal rains began in May. There is no place in the village that is available for us to rent. We are asking for your humble prayers for God’s providence of $2,000 in order to buy a piece of land and construct a shelter for worship to shield the church from the blowing wind, the sun, and the rain.

Voice of Hope Baptist Church in Kikimbala is doing well.

The family that sold us the land for Voice of Hope Baptist is now selling a piece of land adjacent to ours. A Muslim buyer wants it in order to build a school (the Muslim equivalent of a Bible school). If that happens, it will be a challenge for us. I asked the sellers not to give it to the Muslim because of the problem we would have if they did and because it would prevent us from building a Bible school and Sunday school rooms in the future. The cost of the property was $5,000 but now it will be sold for $6,000.

Dear prayer partners and supporters, we are in a dilemma. We do not want the Muslim to get the land, but we do not have the $6,000 needed to buy the land. If we do not buy it, the Muslim will. The buyer will give us until September 2023 to get the money. After that, anyone with the money can buy it.

Please pray for us.

Yours in Ministry,

Franklin and Claris Ngala

Voice of Hope Baptist Church