Trinity Bible Baptist Church


Dear IGM family, receive much greetings and appreciation from the ministry and me.

In April 2023, we began a Bible college class and are doing well serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God for your prayers and financial support towards our ministry work here in Uganda.  The ministry is doing well, and new converts are joining the church.

In May 2023, we requested prayers for roofing materials and iron sheets for the church for a total estimate of $3,644. We praise God for your prayers towards the construction and roofing for the church.

We thank God for Pastor Russ Alexander and Mama Joyce who joined their hands in support of the construction and roofing of the church. We ask God to bless them and their family more abundantly.

We want to inform you that in July we started roofing with the iron sheets on Trinity Bible Baptist Church and Brother John Wesonga planted the tree.  The roofing project has been completed and we thank God for your prayers and support.  Again, we bring our prayer request for shuttering of the church. Please continue to pray for the completion.

We praise God for the Director of IGM, Dr. Lex Reed, who took his time to visit East Africa and more specifically, Uganda.  His visit was a positive change.

Again, we thank God for Pastor Russ Alexander and Mama Joyce for their prayers and financial support in the construction of Trinity Bible Baptist Church and the latrine. We ask you to continue with us in prayers and financial support for the completion of both projects.

We thank God for all your prayers. It was not easy to build a wonderful church like the one we have. All the church members said let God continue to bless you more abundantly.

We give thanks to the IGM director for financial support towards the Bible college class.  Last Saturday, we closed the college until next month. We are hoping to graduate the first class in February 2024.  We are praying for gowns to wear and that an IGM representative will be able to come and preside over the function.

Dear brethren, continue to pray for us and the growth of the ministry.

We trust our Lord for the great work He does.

We love you all in the Almighty. God bless.


Yours Faithfully,

Paul and Irene Syaiti