William A. Ogden 1841-1897 wrote the hymn “Seeking the Lost”

Seeking the lost, yes, kindly entreating
Wanderers on the mountain astray;
Come unto Me, His message repeating,
Words of the Master speaking today.

Going afar (going afar)
Upon the mountain (upon the mountain)
Bringing the wanderer back again, back again,
Into the fold (into the fold)
Of my Redeemer (of my Redeemer)
Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain, for sinners slain.

Seeking the lost and pointing to Jesus
Souls that are weak and hearts that are sore,
Leading them forth in ways of salvation,
Showing the path to life evermore.

Thus would I go on missions of mercy,
Following Christ from day unto day,
Cheering the faint and raising the fallen,
Pointing the lost to Jesus, the Way.

Well, the powerful truth in this song speaks to our Kenyan and African situations. Things are happening and life is moving so fast at a speed which an average Christian must only play catch up!!!  Thanks to your prayers and partnership in the ministry, we have stayed focused on the ball and kept watch.  The recent shock to the nation and the world of the “SHAKAHOLA” (please do an online search) happenings did not catch us by surprise.

The average Kenyan Pastor is untrained and does not have a Bible!  This reality, coupled with the economic mess in the country, has caused much depression amongst the population that is largely religious.

On May 10, 2023, I woke up to a distress call from a pastor’s family who were searching for him since he had been missing for 2 days and his mobile phone could no longer be traced.  We immediately engaged the police and thanks to God our search bore fruit 2 days later. The pastor was found some 150 miles away unconscious and hospitalized. He had a deep cut on his thumb and has remained unconscious.  We cannot tell how he reached that location, but the report is that he was found unconscious on the roadside by good Samaritans and taken to the hospital.  His condition is said to be depression. His name is Timothy Wekesa.  Kindly pray for him and his family.

The hospital bill is increasing yet there seems little hope for recovery.  This is a typical case of pastoral burnout. We plan to transfer him for better or worse to his native home which is almost 450 miles away from where he is hospitalized. We are praying God will supply the resources needed to take care of the hospital bill and ambulance to transport him.  Currently, his family requires $1,600 to take care of that need.

Although much of the news sounds gloomy, we thank God that your prayers and partnership is fruitful and effective.

We continue to train pastors and provide them with study Bibles which is a necessary tool for their engagement in the ministry.  A study Bible costs $30 and such a gift to a pastor is highly appreciated.  Kindly pray with us in this matter of availing God’s word to His people.

Yours in Christ


Allan Maina, Pastor