Glory to God who created heaven and the universe. I am taking this opportunity to share my challenges with you but am very happy to say that the Lord will never allow us to endure any challenges that we are unable to bear.

On June 26, 2023, thieves broke into our church for a second time and stole properties worth $1,649.54. It is very painful, but I know that God has purpose for everything that happens, and we still must thank God and give all the glory to Him.

In 2020, our church was demolished except for a few things that we were able to salvage.  The thieves broke in again and stole more of our properties.  They removed the blocks and cut the iron sheets, then entered and destroyed the padlocks and made their way out through the door. The photos show the damage they did.  Picture 1 is the passage they made and picture 2 is the damage.

Romans 8:31. What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us.

I will not let these thefts stop me from preaching God’s word.  I believe that there must be a reason behind this.  The devil may be against us, but I know that the one who lives in us is more powerful than the one who is living in the world.

Pray for us that we will be strong in the Lord and the Lord will provide a way for us to replace some of the stolen property.  We need prayer at this time.

Pray with us, I know God will provide us with new properties.  He is the provider of all our needs.

Be blessed,

Pastor David Orinda