Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

We continually give thanks to GOD for His assistance in your life and that of your family. My family and I are doing well by the grace of God. GOD gives us grace and that is thanks to your prayers.

The family is in good health. My wife, Lucie, and I continue our social life with our little house and by faith.

Firstly, I want to thank you for sending me the money to purchase the motorcycle for the ministry and for the monthly support. God richly bless you and your families.

The church, too, meanwhile, is going wonderfully. Its membership is growing, both among children and adults. We had in the month of April received the visit of Pastor Emmanuel who preached on Sunday 09 . Also, we formed discipleship training, and we had a baptism in the month of June. This year we are emphasizing evangelism and GOD is using us to win souls, praise GOD’s Name. Thus, we have outgrown our place of worship. We worship in a garage. For Sunday school, we divide into two groups, one group in the garage and another outside. Also, we are in the rainy season so it is difficult.

GOD showed us another place of worship which was neglected and disheveled following the war in 2002 and, unfortunately, fell into ruin. When GOD grants us the grace to rebuild it, thanks to your prayers, we will take up this great challenge of providing a place of worship for the development and advancement of the work.

We are praying that God will provide the necessary support for our 13 orphans. If you would be willing to help in this need, please contact the Mission office:  585-334-9048

We are now working at Davié, 30 Km from Lomé, the capital town. By the grace of God, we started  Sunday services  one month ago and the attendance is encouraging,  with 17 to 20 adults and 10 children on Sunday mornings. Continue praying with us.



We thank God for a good beginning.

We thank God for the motorcycle.

We thank God for good health.

We thank God for my mother’s life.

We thank God for a safe delivery for our sister, Mawusi (a church member).


Prayer Requests:

1/ Pray that GOD raises the means for the reconstruction of the building that has fallen into ruin.

2/ Pray for financial support for the work.


Needs (things we need in a short period of time):

Plastic chairs for adults and children

We need speakers and microphones, especially for open-air evangelism.

We need personal financial support.





Ivory Coast