March 28TH 2023





Your brother DEGBEY greets you in the wonderful name of our lord and saviors Jesus Christ. Who was dead, berried and who rose up the third day for our glorious justification.

Actually, God still works efficiently in my life for the advancement of the work of his kingdom. To commemorate Easter in the best way, the main church organizes three day of spiritual revival, precisely from 28th to 30th March, 2023. The theme is the effectiveness of prayer. In the same spirit of Easter will be held an evangelization campaign from March 31st to April 2nd 2023, in the village of Klologo Gayibo where the new church is located at 85 km far from the main church. The programs are as followed: door to door evangelization in the morning to share the gospel; in the afternoon we will go round the village lead by the munching band in order to invite people to the film projection and listen to the reaching of the gospel. The two objectives that we have are the encouragement and the fortification of the new church.

The three pastors: Gerald, Prevert and I will be the speakers of the three days. Please pray with us for a good success for the glory of the lord.

Now in the main church, there are 12 people who are learning in the baptism class expecting to be baptized in the coming months. The other three churches are growing by the grace of the lord.

Since the beginning of the New Year until today we have registered 15 new believers who agreed to be members of our church.

Please pray for my elder daughter who is suffering from goiter. She was consulted by the specialist doctor who has prescribed the medicine. In case the medicine doesn’t works she will then go under surgery. I believe that God will make miracle by your fervent prayers.


Cementing on the ground of the second Church in Dague.


  • You who days and nights pray for the advancement of the kingdom of God.
  • Strength, courage, and health to serve God day after day.
  • Soul who will be saved during the evangelization campaign gospel time in Easter.


  • Monthly Support for my family and the ministry
  • Wisdom to lead my family and the church
  • Healing of the goiter of my elder daughter
  • Purchase of the land of the thing church of Klologo gayibo.


  • NEEDS:
  1. $ 10,000.00 US  to continue building the main church
  2. $ 5000.00 US to help buy the land of the new church of Klologo Gayibo
  3. $ 2500.00 US  to help build a shelter for Sunday school of the new church of Klologo Gayibo
  4. $ 30.00 US  for each of the three churches for the month August 2023, for VBS.


God is faithful and he will. May the Lord bless your congregation and also each of your families.


Etienne Kodjo A. DEGBEY, Serving with IGM.


Baptist B. Solution Church of Klologo Gayibo in collaboration with its main Church, organizes an evangelization Campaign of the said village, which took place from March 31 to April 2, 2023.

We give thanks to God for the repentance of the saved souls.

Thank you for your fervent prayers. You are richly blessed. Happy Easter to you all.


Madame and Pastor Etienne Degbey.