Dear Prayer Partner,


For my devotions, I am reading the book of Psalms. It seems many of the Psalms are reminders of the blessings God has given us and to praise Him for them. What a privilege it is to praise Him. Even during trials and rough spots, we have much for which to praise Him.

Many of you prayed about my broken leg 13 years ago and how the infections kept coming back up until about 4 years ago. You helped me by praying and then by praising. Well, in February, the infection came back and I was ordered to be in bed and plenty of medicine. Praise the Lord, the infection is gone, and the scar is drying up.

I tried to open a new P.O. box in Texas to receive mail. However, because the P.O. box is not in my name, the USPS is sending back the letters in my name. You can continue to send your letters to my son, Juan Abbott, P.O. Box 3341 Brownsville, TX 78523. He works in Alaska in the summer, but I have the key for the p. o. BOX. Also, the return address I am using is that of a local church where the pastor is a good friend to the family, and you can your letters in my name to that address (see below).

In January, I was asked to give a short weekly devotional on Facebook live in Spanish. Sadly, I have never learned good Spanish and yet I am still asked to share my testimony. God has blessed these classes. They have been an encouragement to others in many Spanish-speaking areas. Praise the Lord.

Noe and Vicky started a Bible club last year with just 4. They have prayed and worked and now have around 410. God has given me the joy of helping with refreshments. Such a small part but reason to praise Him.

We had our ladies’ retreat last November with a local church doing the work and my helping with your money. April 22 was another one in another local church. These ladies have chosen the theme, “Saved and Serving”. Again, I was able to help them with expenses. Another group has contacted me for the fall. Thank you for allowing me to help in this way.

My grandson, Juan Eduardo, David’s son, is burdened for young people. He is only 19 but has already organized a youth rally in February with just over 100 in attendance. He is now planning an all-day rally for May 20th. In faith, he rented a hotel big enough to have plenty of room for services, games, and eating. I helped him with some, but he needs much more. He is eager to work and watch God touch lives.

Timothy wants Ginger and I to go back to North Carolina to speak to ladies. No dates have been mentioned, but that will mean the need of two plane tickets. I just received $100 towards the plane tickets. Please help us pray. This gives you a small idea of why I need and want to praise the Lord. Your prayers and gifts make it possible. Thank you.

What a joy to be safely abiding under His wing.


Yours in Mexico,

Flossie Abbott

Iglesia Bautista Nueva Jerusalem

224 N Illinois

Brownsville, TX 78521