Greetings it’s my hope and pray that this letter finds you well, To our dear prayer partners and supporters, on 2/04/2023, I started a new church at Mangororo village which is about 50 miles a way from Voice of Hope Baptist church Kikambala, this church started after two Evangelism trips, we had an attendance of 51 this includes youths and kids. One of the families allowed us to hold our worship service under a tree.we are seeking for your humble prayers and financial support for His providence in order to get a shelter, the next months will be rain season and if it rains we do not know Exactly what we are going to do. With a love offering of $2000 we are able to get a property ( land) and constract a semi permanent church building ( iron sheets& mad walls) kindly please prayer for this young church.

we at the voice of Hope Baptist church Kikambala Kenya East Africa are doing well, the church and the family has been protected by God’s grace. Our dear prayer partners and financial supports, to be honest we have seen the hand of the Lord being with us since Voice of Hope Baptist came to existence, today the church membership has grown and we are training men and women to be reach others for Christ and this has been my Joy as a pastor, this year 2023, I have a desire to plant two churches and my biggest prayer is that God will guide as we pray specific to what he needs us to be accomplished  , getting to faithful men who will lead the two churches.

We are also requesting for your humble prayers,at The voice of Hope Baptist church Kikambala, there are needs of which we are trusting God for His providence to Expand the Church plot, so that we can build a children’s class rooms a place whereby we shall be holding the worship service, the property is $5000 and the construction of the classrooms will cost $5000 this is an urgent need because the owner needs funds for to settle a family pressing need, there is an Islamic organization that had approached him requesting to sell him the property so that they can build a madarasa classrooms , our dear prayer partners the seller needs the funds, we as voice of Hope Baptist church needs the property to construction the Sunday school children’s church and here the Islamic organization needs the property to bulid there madarasa to teach their false religion,  we are in a fixed, becouse its borders our church property kindly please pray with us for God’s providence so as God to provide the funds to the church and block the Islamic organization to aquire the property,pray, pray with us!

Other needs at Voice of Hope Baptist church has no pipe water and normal we are forced to get charitable water from the Muslim neighbors, the cost of water installation pipe water and a water tank storage is totalling to $970. As you go down to your knees to pray kindly pray with us. We need to have our own water at the Church property.


Yours in Ministry

Franklin &Claris

Voice of Hope Baptist church Kikambala

National Church planter

International Gospel missions