I bless God for your testimony,  prayers and tireless efforts in making sure that Gospel of Jesus Christ reaches everywhere in the world.

I started serving the Lord with IGM in 1987 during my first trip to the US. At that time Dr. Dave Bouvard was the Executive Director. We escaped the civil war in our country for the Ivory Coast and worked with Rev Jim Arnold until my family and I returned home in Liberia.  Also I have served with Dr. Gary and Mother Nancy and the entire IGM Family until the coming of Dr. Lex Reed and the great and hard working Staff and the entire Family of IGM.

Many times I wonder how you all are so committed in supporting the Lord’s work in other countries as well the great encouragement for us and to us national pastors, the great missionary journeys to our various countries. The pride it brings to me is the dignity that is Worthy of appreciating.

With the Vision of Reaching the World with the Saving Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, the Youth and Young Adults Component of the Bible Believing Baptist Church as well as the entire church congregation is presently embarking on aggressive to massive soul winning campaign with the VISION of TURNING THE WORLD INTO CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY. Toward this end we established the Bible School  which is now been upgraded to BAPTIST TEMPLE UNIVERSITY. With only trusting in God and the support received from IGM we carry on this area of the ministries and being engaged into church planting we have planted three congregations.

In our BIBLE SCHOOL AND COLLEGE students can not afford to pay tuition and fees but rather look up to the Lord through us assistance to include food, medicines and few others. You will agree that with the droppage of my support from 250 to 41 the church planting and Christin Education-BIBLE SCHOOL AND BIBLE COLLEGE may inevitably come to a standstill which things we pray for it not to happen. Please join us in prayer to continue to keep our dream alive and actively functioning. God is blessed.

Rev Siaway Dahnkuan

Liberia, West Africa


Ongoing Projects:

Reroofing the church Edifice of our Headquarters Church in Monrovia.

The roof is falling in.

Two of our grade school buildings are under Refurbishing conditions. We also use these buildings for conducting classes for Bible School which had been upgraded to college level.

There is a need to address the outcry amongst the youth, young adults as well as even adults to acquire perfect knowledge of the scripture.

We take in orphans eventhough we do not have orphanage.