I hope you are all doing well. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you, your families and also bless your different ministries.

I am writing this note to express my gratitude to God for my trip to the US which He made possible and which went very well.

My stay among you was very blessed. I have learned a lot from you by admiring your faith, your love and your commitment to the work of the Lord.

I was very encouraged by your love for me. You have welcomed me into your midst as your child, friend or collaborator in ministry. You have cared for me in every way. You have contributed a lot to the ministry for the salvation and development of Bigtogo.

For all this, I say thank you with all my heart. I thank Dr. Lex and his team who worked to facilitate and make my stay enjoyable. I make a special mention to James Arnold who not only made himself fully available during my stay, but also welcomed me and treated me like his son so that I would not lack anything. Thank you and stay blessed. My thanks go to all his churches who not only gave me the opportunity to present what the Lord is doing with us in Burkina Faso, who gave of their goods and financial  resources to contribute to our ministry and who also prayed for my ministry and for my country. I would not be able to finish my thanks without mentioning all the very friendly families who invited me to have a meal with them. It was great and I enjoyed all his different meals. I did not go a single day without having an invitation for lunch or dinner during my stay.  Thank you to Elija Closet and The Living Store for the free living I enjoyed, for the clothes to keep me warm, and for the clothes I brought back for my family and community.Thank you for the computer, the suitcases and the sports equipement that were offered to me.  Thank you for everything. It was beyond my expectations.

My trip home went well. I was reunited with my family in good health. I found the community of Bigtogo also in good health. My current concern is to continue the implementation of the medical center. For this I still need your prayers and encouragement. My prayer is that the Lord will bless you for all that you have done and all that you are doing.My family and the community of Bigtogo salute you all.




1- I thank God for the trip, the stay and the return trip which went very well

2- Pray for the peace and stability of Burkina Faso.

3- Pray for the good progress of the construction of the medical center that we intend to start soon.

See you soon!!!