Dear Prayer Partners in Ministry,

The Lord continues to be good as He has always been. Our ministry here in Uganda is making advances, even though there are some potholes in this endeavor. As we have always said, our work is winning souls to Christ.


  1. We pray for our orphans to get school fees in time so that they can attend 3rd term classes since they have missed 2 terms due to financial constraints in our ministry.
  2. We pray to get land for the construction of our church so that we can start construction in a phased manner.
  3. We pray that we get money to buy a new vehicle for our pastor since old car has a lot of mechanical problems which is very costly to the ministry.
  4. We pray that the almighty God keeps of all of us safe and increases our ministry so that we can continue serving and praising HIM.

Best Regards,

Pastor John Wesonga