Dear IGM Family,


Psalms 136:1-3 “O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. O give thanks unto the God of gods: for his mercy endureth for ever. O give thanks to the Lord of lords: for his mercy endureth for ever.”

This psalm truly captures the jubilation and thanksgiving of our hearts because of the way the Lord has shown His power and wonderful work in our midst despite the pandemic and the economic crisis that ensued and are being experienced all over the world.

The Lord has answered our prayers for a peaceful, honest, and clean election. We have a new Philippine President and a renewed opportunity to muster the entire nation to move forward with an overwhelming mandate from the citizenry. Our prayer is that the Lord will send His servants to preach the Gospel to our recently proclaimed government leaders beginning from the President down to the Barangay levels in all communities. We are continuously praying for the salvation of all our government leaders and their families. May the Lord be pleased to send spiritual revival in our beloved country. May the Lord grant His wisdom so we can recover from the economic crisis that has befallen our country and may it also lead into a national moral recovery.

We had a successful celebration of God’s faithfulness to all our Blessed Hope Christian Churches on July 31, 2022, with the theme “Patuloy na Pagbubunga sa Panahon ng Pandemya” which is, “Continued Fruitfulness in Times of Pandemic”. We are continuing the church planting vision that was started in the year 2000 by my parents, Dr. Samuel and Miriam Comising, which has produced 7 local churches so far in the Philippines and is continually being inspired by IGM after two decades. We are moving forward by training and discipling the next pastors and missionaries that we will send to all the schools, colleges, and universities in our city, Dasmarinas, the university town of the province of Cavite. All our church ministries are all discipleship-centered. From our children’s ministry, we are starting to disciple them while young, to our Young Teens, Young People, Working Youth, Couples, and Music. Our thrust as we end this year is to have duplicated ourselves in all of our ministries. We are looking forward also to another batch of new candidates for baptism for this quarter.  We want to prepare selected college students for church leadership in our men’s class, prepare for a missionary conference, and also prepare for Children’s, Youth, and Family camps.

The Lord has continually sustained our family in the midst of many difficulties. The doctors recommended therapy for both me and my wife regarding our spine. We need to undergo many sessions to align and adjust our spines and treat health issues. My wife was diagnosed with fatty liver disease and is pre-diabetic. She is now undergoing therapy to reverse and subdue diabetes. She is also having difficulty walking as her left knee has been in severe pain for almost a month now. She has to use a cane to support her in walking and moving. My diabetes has extended to my eyes getting blurry and blind. I will undergo fluorescein angiography and optical coherence tomography to determine whether I need eye surgery or eye injection. My desire is for the Lord to heal us and give us more years of service in preaching the Gospel. Our daughter, Esther, is slowly recovering from her anxiety and depression. She has continuously led in our music ministry despite her condition. She is now preparing to go back to work and also pursue her graduate studies. Our youngest, Samuel Joseph, is in the fourth grade and is enjoying school. He has learned how to play the ukulele and has joined in singing with our family in worship. Our eldest son, Ezra, is doing fine in his job and is praying to be promoted as editor in his career as journalist. Elijah is in his last year of studies in Information Technology. He has been instrumental in the start and maintenance of our livestream ministries.

It is a real joy to hear about what the Lord is doing through IGM. We have always been excited every time we receive your email about news from the headquarters and all over the world. I am still praying that the Lord will allow me to visit IGM in the USA for one last time and attend and fellowship with all of you, perhaps in the coming years before the Lord comes.



  1. Salvation of our government leaders from the President down to our Barangay officials
  2. Economic and moral recovery as well as spiritual revival for our beloved country
  3. Target: to plant 2 churches in addition to the existing 7 BHCC churches in the Philippines
  4. The Lord will raise more men to become pastors and missionaries.
  5. Effectiveness of our Intensive and Intentional Discipleship emphasis in all ministries
  6. Preparations for the year-end activities: Baptism, Missionary Conference, Camps
  7. The Lord’s healing and provision for our health and medical needs




Timothy C. Comising