Brother DEGBEY is writing to you to testify of the wonders that God is doing in my life, that of my family, and of the church.

With the grace the Lord grants me, the main church and the other three churches are growing spiritually and physically. Indeed, the Lord gives me strength and wisdom to endure and overcome all the difficulties that I encounter in the ministry. His never-failing goodness renews my strength day after day like an eagle.

Door-to-door evangelism continues in the streets as well as in the various homes. Glory be to God for the lost souls who believe in Jesus.

The holiday activities began with a week-long seminar which ended on July 4, 2022, falling on your country’s Independence Day. The theme of the seminar was: Who is the Holy Spirit? It was welcome because of the false teachings circulating on this subject. Subsequently, the VBS activities took place from August 8 to 10, 2022, and ended successfully. More than 450 children participated and many of them believed in Jesus. Over 200 children come to Sunday school. Our prayers are that we see them grow in the Lord’s grace.

I would like to share one of my personal needs that is close to my heart with you. This is the construction of the office within the church. The church in its 21st year has risen with the financial means at its disposal to begin construction work. At present, the work is stopped for lack of means. We ask you to support us with $2500.00 for the completion of this glorious work.

For the great construction of the temple of the main church, we sincerely thank you for all your financial aid to invest in its beautiful temple, which we use wisely for His glory. Our prayer is that God will provide $6000.00 US in order to tend towards the completion of His sanctuary.

To close a week of teaching young people, they decided to go on an excursion in the mountainous region, specifically in Kpalimé of Togo, on Friday, September 9, 2022. It is pleasant and fraternal.

Monday August 29, 22 the deacons and I made a trip to visit our college pastor, Kokou AGOUNON, who has just started a new church planting work 85 km from the main church. The purpose of our trip was to encourage his family, to pray with them, and to see the good work he was doing in this community.

Saturday October 8, 2022, we plan to baptize 38 believers. We pray that for the guests who come, that day will be the day of their salvation.

May grace and peace rest on each of your family and strengthen your missionary vision.


1 – Wisdom to feed the flock of God

2 – Monthly support for my family and for the ministry


1 – $ 2500.00 US for the construction of the new office of the church

2 – $ 3000.00 US to buy the new worship ground of the new church of Klologo

3 – $ 6000.00 US for the construction of the continuity of the temple of the main church

God is faithful and He will do it.

Madam and Pastor Etienne Kodjo A. DEGBEY

Serving with IGM – USA