I greet you all in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ Who died, was buried, and rose on the third day and now He is living and sits on the right hand of God. It is my pleasure to express my joy because the body of Christ is one family which sticks together in everyday life.

“And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,”. I testify that unity is what has kept the church moving on as it is the will of God. The joy which we have now is due to His birth here on earth so that He may be able to atone for our sins. Luke: 1:14 “And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth.”

I am in the presence of the Almighty God always interceding for the body of Christ that we may continue to be together in prayers and remembrance of His love which is unconditional always. I believe that the whole family of I.G.M in America are well in Christ.

Sometimes we do suffer for the sake of Christ but in all this we count it joy. We separated ourselves from the world so that we be a testimony that our righteousness through Christ is true.

Heb. 11:25 “Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;” Our pleasure is in Christ and not in the world. Brethren I pray that we rejoice in as much as we are the partakers of Christ’s sufferings that when His glory shall be revealed, we may be glad also with exceeding joy.


  1. Peace in Kenya since we are still in election mode. We need the peace of Christ to prevail in this country so as to allow the freedom of movement in every part of this country.
  2. Pray for our National Convention which will take place in Nyakach from 9/21/2022 – 9/25/2022.
  3. A tent to be used by our Sunday school children. We are praying for US $1,500. This is for the future and continuity of the church.
  4. We are still praying for land for church construction which will bring a permanent solution. We are still in need of US $3,500.

May the almighty Father be with us all as we continue reaching the world with the Gospel of peace. May all be well with you. Amen.

Pastor David Orinda