Shalom, dear partners and supporters of prayer.

May the grace of our FATHER and our LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST be with you. We bless the name of the LORD, and we appreciate the life He has given us in JESUS ​​CHRIST. We are indebted to Him and we continually pray to GOD to remind us that we belong to Him so that we offer ourselves completely to Him. Romans 12:1-2 Amen.

The love of GOD urges us, and we feel the burden to reveal this great love of GOD manifesting in JESUS ​​CHRIST. As we desire and plan to go to the villages to preach salvation, we also see that the work needs stability for its advancement so that it can explode in growth. Currently, it does not have its own place to meet and meets in a garage. So, despite the fact that it does not have its own place to meet, it continues on by the grace of our LORD and conducts most spiritual activities. It has Sunday School, Worship Group, Youth Class, Women’s Class, Married Class, Evangelism and Soul Coaching Team, Worship Leaders and Preachers Class, a ministry of teaching, and a ministry of mercy and the church has 15 orphan children of which my wife, LUCIE, and I take care of them. Pray for a suitable location which I believe will stabilize this work.

The family is doing wonderfully because the grace of GOD manifests day and night. This is why we want to reveal GOD’s love through social works and therefore, my wife and I make our home a welcoming home and we have taken in 5 of the orphans. Let us pray for God to meet the needs of these orphan children. The start of the school year is near, it’s next week.


1/ Pray for the stability and the progress of the work and that we get land.

2/ Pray for the education of orphans and destitute children.

3/ Pray for evangelism in the villages and for support for the ministry.