Dear beloved in Jesus Christ, greetings.


We are serving the living God, the Faithful One, the Almighty.

Praise be to the Lord Who is with us in the field. He has done wonders again!! Thank you so much, you our brethren, for your kind support in prayers and finance.

By God’s grace, our community is doing well. We are still doing our Sunday worship in the courtyard of Noali’s house. We trust in the Lord for a good place to worship Him and to be able to welcome the newly converted. May 29 was our day to share evangelism flyers. ‘’The Way to Heaven’’ was given to about 50 persons. It prepares them for an open dialogue. Prayer.

On May 16 to 20, 2022, we did another pastors training at Fada N’Gourma in the center of the East of Burkina Faso. Some pastors came from the ‘’red places’’. We didn’t expect they could come because of a serious security matter. But the Lord protected them perfectly on their arrival and after the training, all of them reached their places safely. God has done wonders. Now we are thinking about how to do this without exposing pastors to dangers.

By God’s faithfulness, we covered the University costs of our daughter, Eunice, for this year.

I thank God for our graduation. That is amazing. To be graduated, each student should:

Complete 10 courses taking 3 years

Train the leaders of his own church, and then those leaders may train 2 to 6 other members in the church and each person trained may do the same.

After doing his 5th course, every 2 pastors should open training for a 2nd generation of pastors’ training with about 25 students for each pastor.

The 2nd generation pastors in the same way may start training a 3rd generation of pastor trainers in order to train other pastors and become the coaches of these trainers.

Create some small groups of discipleship training.

Train a church planting learner.

Plant churches.

Pay the graduation cost of $600 USD.


The money was the great problem, but God has opened many ways and has provided through recording costs, friends, and our little church.

The graduation was done on June 6, 2022. I received a bachelor in Pastoral ministry from Teleo University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA and look forward to attaining the master’s degree in it. We look forward to accomplishing the Great Commission, and to being able to correctly teach and coach others.

The studies were done in Ouagadougou, the Capital of Burkina Faso, and they used a French-speaking teacher, a part of the American Dr. Rick’s ENSRUD.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

About the security in Burkina Faso, in some villages, people are running to save their lives, leaving all their goods. The army is trying but it seems like this country is not free to buy the war materials needed. However, the terrorists are very well-equipped, and we don’t know how. Only God can set free our land. Let‘s stand in prayer.


These are prayer points:




Thank God for the survival of my family.

Thank God for the survival of our church.

Thank God for His protection.

Thank God for the pastors’ training we did and their safe return.

Thank God for providing our daughter, Eunice’s, University costs for this year.

Thank God for providing for my graduation.




Pray for the return of peace and security to Burkina Faso.

Pray God to stop the food crises caused by terrorism, Covid, and the war from afar.

Pray for the standing strength of the Bible believers in spite of these trials.

Pray God to provide for our back rent of $1,485 USD.

Pray God to provide for our own house (we have: the sand – 50%, gravel – 100%,  bricks –  40%).

Pray God to provide for the church building, $10,000 USD.

Pray God to provide for another new motorbike, $1400.


The Lord Who called us is faithful and He will do it.


Brotherly Yours in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Thimote & Essita Dayamba

Baptist Bible Partnership Ministry

Emmanuel Church of Bendogo