Dear Prayer/Support Partners,

Greetings to you all from Kenya. Hope that this update will find you well and sound physically and spiritually. I’m very much delighted to thank you all for your diligent and continued love and care of supporting me, family, and the ministry at large prayer wise and financially. I want to thank our Almighty God and Father due to His love and mercies to me and my family. He has ever been faithful to us (family) by protecting, guiding, and providing us with all our issues. We (family) thank God very much for our health and the continued healing of our son, Duncan.

Brethren, since my last newsletter, God has enabled the ministry to move on well. He has enabled us to evangelize, preach, and teach His Word. We have seen the unsaved come to Christ for salvation and be baptized. Recently, we had a big evangelism outreach which we organized with our sister churches in the area for ten days. More than five hundred people gave their lives to Christ for salvation. In our church area, we had forty-two converts. Last Sunday, we baptized some in our church.

We were also able to hold seminars in some of our churches.

We had opportunities also to visit different places to meet with needy children/orphans. In some parts of the country, hunger is still a big problem. Therefore, sometimes as a church, we contribute some food to distribute to the needy. We highly thank God and glorify His Name for how He has been meeting the needs of His people.

However, God knows what we are going through, and we are thankful that He can take the hardest circumstances and turn them around for our good and His glory.

May God bless you for your faithfulness for your prayers, funds, and inspiration. Believing God to do great things through our partnership.



  1. For God’s love, care, and faithfulness to us
  2. For good health despite the difficulties of health issues here and there
  3. For God’s continued provision
  4. For God’s continued healing of our son, Duncan



  1. For continued faith and trust in the Lord
  2. For financial provision for me, my family, and travel/ministry of about $600.00 monthly
  3. For funds, $1000.00, to complete a church building of a newly planted church.


Once again, I say thank so very much for your love and support to me, my family, and the ministry at large. May God continue blessing and enabling you in whatever you do in life.



Pastor Kenneth Kalama