Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,


Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ! My family and I are currently doing well by His grace. It is my hope and prayer that you folks are also fine in the Lord.

We really appreciate your perpetual partnership with us as we labor in Africa by evangelizing the sinners and edifying the saints for the cause of Christ. Through this, we continue to see our church grow numerically and spiritually. Your effectual, fervent prayers and financial support have been instrumental in our service – indeed, ye are “fellowhelpers to the truth” 3 John 8. Keep praying with us that, together, we might continue reaching the world for Christ.

We really thank the Lord for the tremendous provision of part of the funds we needed to do the roofing of the Macedonia Baptist Church’s building. We managed to purchase all the steel bars needed to begin the roofing work, but we still trust God to provide another $6,000 for the tinned (iron sheets) roof. The contractor has moved to the site and is currently fitting the steel bars in readiness to put them up! Once we are done with the roofing, we will move to the fourth phase of putting in windows, blocks in the walls, and flooring the building as the Lord provides. Indeed, your giving has been instrumental in the provision for the property, and in putting up the building. May the Lord Who is, continue to shower His blessing upon you and yours.

Rest assured, too, of our continued prayers for you as you labor for Christ within and without your Jerusalem for the cause of Christ.



Strength and wisdom as we serve Him

Spiritual and numerical growth of our church

Continued provision for the church construction


Prayer Request

Pray for the continued provision for the construction of Macedonia Baptist Church in phases – $6,000 (currently needed for tinned roof)


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Anthony & Sister Sheilah Juma

Macedonia Baptist Church