“Not unto us, o Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake.” (Psalm 115:1)


Dear Brethren,

Greetings to you in the Name of our all-powerful, all knowing, and all sufficient God. I trust you are doing well and staying healthy in these challenging times.  Thank you so much for your gift of love, your prayers, and your support.  Lives are being challenged and the Kingdom of God is being impacted in Trinidad, Grenada, and St. Vincent. We are thrilled and excited that you have chosen to partner with us as we continue to reach out into the harvest field which is very ripe. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and your generosity.

Ministry Update

Since January of 2022, my Missionary Permit has expired for Trinidad. According to the laws of Trinidad, when an individual permit is expired, he has to leave the country and wait for twelve months before it can be renewed. Therefore, my wife and I moved back to Grenada as we await the time to apply for the renewal. I continue to provide virtual ministry for the church. I conduct weekly Bible study, special Bible study, counseling, and meetings with the church online. My sermons are video recorded and sent to the church each week. The church income has been greatly affected, therefore, since April, I have not gotten a salary from the church, and it also has an outstanding balance for me from January 2022.

My wife and I are now residing in the island of St. Vincent. Since June 2022, I have taken on pastoral responsibilities at the Kingstown Evangelical Church in St. Vincent.  The Kingstown Evangelical Church is sister church to the Palmiste Church I provide virtual ministry for in Trinidad.  I will be at Kingstown Evangelical for one year.

Presently, I am preparing two persons for baptism in St. Vincent.  One made a commitment when I visited the Church in May and the other earlier this month.

We are presently trying to put things in place to restart our Sunday school, children’s ministry, youth ministry, Bible study, and Sunday evening service. Some of these ministers were suspended because of the coronavirus. Others came to an end because of the lack of individuals for service.

Health Update

Praise the Lord my wife has recovered nicely from the surgery.

I had my eyes checked out thoroughly while I was in Jamaica in the month of April 2022.  I thank God that the results were good.  The doctor says there is no reason visit again until April of 2023.

We thank you for your financial support and prayers. We praise God for you.

Prayer Requests

Pray for our daughter that she continues to do well in university.

Continue to pray for the ministry in Trinidad. Some of the members are facing some health and financial challenges.

Pray that we will continue to see positive results as we continue to serve the church in St. Vincent.


Yours in the Service of Jesus Christ,

Garnet Samuels (Pastor)