Hello, dear servants of God.

I pray that the Lord always shows kindness to each of you in the Name of Jesus Christ.

I am happy because the quarter has been good for us as two families are won to the Lord through door-to-door evangelism.

The church is truly motivated from seeing the wonders the Lord continues to do with each evangelistic outing.

That said, we have asked for a place of worship to establish ourselves in N’gokro, a village which is 10 km from Guitry. We are awaiting the response of the chief of this village and his notables.

Concerning the Sunday school, we have about fifty children supervised by two monitors (Editor’s Note: Sunday school teachers) for their spiritual well-being.

Prayer points:

  • Pray for my family and me so that the Lord takes care of us by providing for all our needs.
  • The owner of the house I rent asks me to vacate his house at the end of this month so that he can renovate it. Pray for me so that the Lord gives me the financial means to rent another house elsewhere.
  • Let us pray together so that God allows us to settle in N’gokro, a village which is 10 km from Guitry.
  • Let us pray to our God a lot so that we can have a permanent temple here in Guitry for the glory of his name.


God bless IGM.


Brother Janot N’gbra