Dear all IGM prayer partners,

How are you doing? Here we are doing well serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God for your prayers.

Again, we thank Pastor Russ Alexander and his wife for the great work they are doing here in Uganda.

Pastor Russ Alexander, Mama Joyce, and Dr. Gary Newhart have stood with me about my two children who are doing their course certificates in midwifery and nursing. One will finish this year and the other one will finish next year.

The Sebei region, 220 km from my home, is very deep in the remote, rural area. It is an area of drought all the time, but God has sent me there to proclaim the Word of God to them. It takes seven to eight hours to get there. Sometimes, there is a lot of dust on the way due to big trucks carrying stones for cement. When it has rained, there is also a lot of mud. I cannot ride the motorcycle, but still, I am not tired.

The church we are finishing is the only church which is permanent out of thirty churches we are leading in Uganda under “Independent Gospel Mission Fellowship”. It is found in the Sebei region. That project has advanced our evangelism effort. We are done with the pavement, rough casting, and whitewash. We thank God Who used your time and prayers and financial support to construct such a wonderful church.

On June 16th – 20th, we have organized a two-day seminar and crusade at Lukalesi Baptist Church and a dedication ceremony on Sunday.

We still have other churches which are renting and others in semi-permanent buildings that could collapse at any time. Still, we are worshipping our tremendous God. We are still in need of your prayers for the rest of the churches. If God opens the way, we shall glorify Him much.

Regarding the Bible college, we are resting for the month of June and then we shall open again in July this year.

My prayer request is about Magale Baptist Church which is fellowshipping in a rented building. This is so expensive every month and members’ giving is very low due to the environment crisis. We ask for your prayers to get the land which is worth $2,500 dollars. This will help us to put there a temporary structure which will reduce the expenses. Dear prayer partners, let us pray for that church to get the plot of $2,500 dollars.

We are praying for God to bless you, as you are also praying for us.


Yours Sincerely,

Paul Syaiti and Irene

National Field Representative

Executive Director of the Bible Institute