Hello dear partners in the Lord, we come by this letter to give you news of our ministry in these first months of the year 2022.


We were able to talk about Jesus Christ to more than a thousand people in five different villages. Eight hundred confessed Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and two hundred and thirty joined our congregation. We are particularly marked by the conversion of two great idolaters whose idols we have destroyed together with the images of destruction.

The other blessing is family, my wife, Honorine, and my daughter were sick the past month have regained their health. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this healing.


We ended up building the Solution Biblical Baptist Church in Kountoum. We need four thousand dollars to roof the building.

Also, we need five hundred dollars to buy the pews for the new preaching points.

We are happy to have you as a partner and support in the field of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your dear brother and sister NAMBOU Ezekiel and Honorine in North Togo in West Africa