Beloved prayer partners,



Great is our joy in greeting you and sharing our news with you. We give thanks to God for his protection and assistance to us. Since January 24, 2022, our country has experienced a change of regime, following the coup that brought a group of soldiers to power. Many of you were worried about us and wrote to us for news. By the grace of God, my family and the church family in Sakoula and Bigtogo are doing well. This is an opportunity for us to thank you for your prayers on our behalf and for your unwavering financial support.


We love you and appreciate your commitment to supporting us in ministry. Remain richly blessed from Him whom you serve in this way: Jesus Christ our Lord.


This year we are preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ministry in Sakoula. The celebration will take place in the month of July. Several activities are scheduled and will begin in May, such as the football tournament which will bring together young people from 10 villages around Sakoula for a month and a half; a cycling race; a free medical consultation offered to the population and an evangelistic campaign that will take place over several days. We invite you to pray for us and if God puts in your heart to join us at this occasion, you will be more than welcome to Burkina Faso! It will be with a heart full of joy that we will receive you.

This month of March is devoted to door-to-door evangelism which has already begun.


The training center for women in metiers is going forward very well which is an encouragement for us. Twenty-one (21) women follow the sewing and weaving program every week; once a week they have a Bible study time led by Naomi and every morning 30 minutes are devoted to prayer before the start of work. It is truly encouraging to see Muslim women placing their trust in Jesus for the solution of their temporal problems. We pray this will lead them to genuine faith for their salvation in Christ !


The church in Bigtogo also continues its march victoriously despite the difficulties and we bless the Lord for its numerical growth. The challenge right now is about their land. The church meets on a two (2) hectare piece of land that we purchased from the landowners for about $10,000.00, by a loan that I took from the bank and continue to pay monthly. This debt is not over yet, while we have to regularize the land to have the official government allocation documents. This requires us nearly $6,000.00 and we have been given 3 months to pay these taxes; the deadline is May 15, 2022.


Please keep us in your prayers and share this burden with us.


Prayer requests:


1) Pray for the organization of the 10th anniversary of the ministry in Sakoula. May it be a time of intense proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of a greater number of people. Pray also for the financial needs of these activities around this celebration.


2) Pray for the training Center, the construction of the shed is still not completed; may the Lord provide $950.00 for this.


3) Pray that God will provide $6,000.00 dollars to pay the taxes required by the government to obtain official documents from the Bigtogo land.


Thank you very much for your faithful prayer and remain blessed as you serve the Lord! We love and appreciate you!



Naomi and Robert Lompo