1. We praise the Lord for the great opportunity to host a Christmas Thanksgiving last January. It was a late Christmas celebration because of government restrictions due to the COVID-19. That celebration was attended by 150 pastors and wives and church workers. This gathering has been held every year in our church since its creation. Three of my co-workers and I organized it. The name of this group is the League of Indigenous Evangelical Churches. During that gathering, we were able to distribute 25kgs. of rice to each pastor which was provided by a church in New Zealand, and we served good food provided by our church here in Mandaue, Cebu.
  2. We thank the Lord also for the financial blessing from our IGM office and friends from the U.S. that enabled us to reconstruct our house roofing, school office, library, and kitchen. Now we enjoy the good benefits of renewed facilities through the help of our IGM family and friends from the U.S.
  3. We thank and praise the Lord for the continued commitment of our children to serve the Lord. They are in different areas of ministry. Our eldest daughter, Jither, is in charge of teaching in our school and helps in the church as office admin. Jireh is serving as the administrative church pastor under me as the senior pastor of the church. Our third son, Joel, with his wife, Marejim, with their son, Davion, are in music ministry and lead the praise and worship team. Both husband and wife know how to use musical instruments. Our fourth son, Jasper with his wife, Prencis, with their daughter, Enavrin, have the ability to sing. Our youngest daughter, Jotham, also has teaching skills like her big sister and she serves as a teacher in our school and on Sundays joins the worship team.
  4. Our prayer to our Lord and Savior is that He will give us more courage and strength to serve Him with good and sound health.
  5. Pray also for more financial blessings to pay for lot (land) rentals, for our house where we built, and for the school. Lot rental monthly is $500.00, and our monthly electricity bill is $475.00.
  6. Our prayer to our God is that our new IGM director and family will be able to visit the Philippine Islands to encourage our IGM national pastors and church planters.
  7. We are praying for the good and sound health of our new IGM Director and his wife and children.


In Service to the King,

Joe, Julie, Jither, Jireh, Joel, Marejim, & Davion, Jasper, Precis & Enavrin, Jotham Timkang