Dear Prayer Partner and/or Supporter:


The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.

Proverbs 11:30

It was reported that 57% of the American population were non-Christians and 43% were Christians.  Further, the comment was made that this is the first time that Christianity has taken a back seat. The conclusion is scary and should send out an alarm to those who are born-again Christians that we are no longer a Christian nation.  Our present government is attempting to eradicate the founding Biblical principles upon which this nation was founded.  There are those who believe they have something better than Christianity and so does the devil.  My blessed brothers and sisters in Christ, we all need to take a huge step backwards and reevaluate our world view from a God-perspective rather than a human one. Has the true Christian become so ego-centric that he has become taken up with the pleasures of this life that he/she has lost their way? Regardless of what political party you might or might not be labeled, how could a true, born-again Christian vote for someone who believes in killing babies?  We do not vote for a personality but for those who hold in their state of being Biblical principles. Remember, as a Christian, we are not home yet! We are just passing through with a definite purpose of sharing the only true hope in Jesus Christ and Him only! John 14:6


Things are going well with IGM’s transition of leadership.  Jesus Christ still sits at its headship (Col. 1:18) and our new Executive Director is at the helm.  Dr. Lex Reed and I are in communication with each other as often as possible.  Our goal is to have a smooth transition that will glorify our Lord Jesus and advance the outreach of the Gospel around the world. Mathew 28:18-20. Please be in much prayer for his and his family’s relocation to the Rochester area. I am sure you understand this is a sellers’ market and house prices are out of sight in an unstable time in our country.


Nancy and I are busier than ever. We both are having to make a lot of mental adjustments as well as physical. Planning for the summer and fall are well underway which entails a multitude of preparations for those who, by God’s grace, will be visiting churches in the USA, keeping up the records of accountability for donors who expect their donations to go where they are intended, and encouragement to those on the receiving end.  During all of this, I have been setting up an office in my home along with making room for brother Reed and his wife, Shelley’s, occupancy at Mission Central. It is times like these when you realize you are not as strong as you use to be.  However, Nancy and I love the ministry at IGM and will maintain an active role.  I am looking forward to spending more time in discipleship with the native pastors through Zoom, visits to the field as God permits, and opening more churches for IGM partners to visit when in the USA. I will also be available for Mission conferences and lots of encouragement to all.


Our journey has been a blessed one despite its challenges.  Nancy and I have done it together with our utter dependence upon our Lord and Savior, claiming His promises of Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; And lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Keep praying as we keep on reaching souls for the Kingdom of God and for His Glory! Many thanks for your financial and prayer support.


Sincerely, in His Matchless Grace,

Gary and Nancy Newhart                                                                                                                                                                            

Your Missionaries




  • Lex & Shelley Reed & two children as the new IGM Executive Director family
  • For our faithful prayer partners and/or supporters
  • For daily strength, wisdom, and health to serve our Savior
  • God’s continued work in bringing souls to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus
  • The many souls who have declared their profession of faith through baptism


  • Safety from COVID-19
  • Gary – neuropathy in feet & hands & Nancy – arthritis in knees
  • Continued financial support, both for personal and travel


  • Hire an Office Manager to take Nancy’s place
  • Reeds finding a house in the Rochester, NY area
  • Pray for Volunteers
    1. Willing to be of help in the Office
    2. Willing to help with cleaning, etc
    3. Maintain the six flower gardens.
    4. Paint the outside of the IGM house.


  • Pray for more MSA (Mission Service Account) funds to operate the Mission.
  • Pray for a vehicle that runs well and the body is in good condition. (tax- deductible)
  • Pray for Michael Grubbs, our Communications Coordinator, who will start booking meetings for the Fall – Sept. 4 – October 9, 2022.


  • Pray: Letter number two for the GROWING IN FAITH Campaign was sent out in December. Presently, 51% of the needed $100,000 has been received. We still need to reach the total goal of $100,000 during 2022. 



Tentative IGM Activities

(Activities all depend on the Pandemic situation)

National Church Planter, K. Vijayanandam, India

April 1-7 Dr. Lex Reed –  Tennessee Area

April 7-11 Michigan area, and April 10 – Woodward Baptist Church meeting –*See below

 K. Vijayanandam – Schedule

April    1 – 7 – With Dr. Lex Reed in Tennessee

April    7 – *10 All Day, Woodward Baptist Church,

Byron Center, MI

April   12 – Returns to India


April   17 – Easter Sunday

June     2—Newharts’–60th Wedding Anniversary                          

June   20 —IGM Quarterly Council Meeting

Sept.    4—Oct. 9 – Pastors’ Training and

Development Conference

Sept.   12—IGM Quarterly Council Meeting and

                            Annual Picnic

Dec.    13—IGM Annual Council Meeting