Psalm 40:5  “Many, O LORD my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.”

Yes, indeed God has done great things since the last update. Some people in our community and within the area of the 100 churches have accepted Jesus as their Savior. Simon, Mercy, and Virginia Josephine are among them. Please pray that they will grow in their faith. Besides healing people spiritually, God has been healing them physically. God has been providing for the medical needs of some of the people. Leah has been spending some time at the hospital assisting them to get treatment. One of them is a two-year-old girl, Vivian, who had an infection in her leg. She had surgery last month and she is doing better. Zipporah has had a back problem for some time. It is our prayer and hope that God will help her get the right treatment. Virginia has cancer of the knee which has spread to other parts. She is going through chemo. David has a heart problem. Please pray that he will get both spiritual and physical healing. Rachel, whose sight was restored, and Mary both have problems with high blood pressure and diabetes.

God has provided water to a village where people have been going long distances to fetch water. As a result, some of the people have started attending church.

On February 24th, God provided, and we distributed food to 77 families most of them from this village where there is a great need of food. Praise the Lord that it has started to rain, and people are planting crops. We have been holding seminars for different groups. On February 19th, we had one for young mothers in our local church where Mercy accepted Jesus as her Savior. On March 5th, we plan to have one for the pastors’ wives. Paul has been reaching out to some young men and we praise the Lord that Simon has accepted the Lord as his Savior. Please pray that the others will also get saved.

There is still great need for a kitchen and dining hall at the school. We praise the Lord for providing $4000 and we are trusting the Lord for the rest $15,000. Due to inflation the prices have gone up.

We would appreciate prayers for our country’s elections in August this year.

Family: God has been faithful to us. Our daughter, Miriam, had shoulder surgery and she is doing better. Lord willing, our daughter, Ruth, our son-in-law, Stephen, and granddaughter, Aziza, will relocate from Chicago to Atlanta, Georgia. Our son, Paul ,also plans to relocate from Chicago to Pennsylvania. Please pray for their smooth transition and for Miriam as she will still be in Milwaukee. Lord willing, we are both planning to travel to the US from March 27th to June 7th to visit ministry partners. Please pray for us. We appreciate all your prayer and financial support.



Paul and Leah