God in His infinite love supports us from day to day in His glorious work to which He has called me.

The passion for winning lost souls continues in the lives of the main church members and the other churches that are in the villages. We give glory to God for the results.

March 12, 2022 is a seminar that will bring together all the women of our Baptist churches in IGM. This will be a day of fellowship and edification for the advancement of the work of God.

In April, there will be double events.

A one-week youth seminar. The various speakers will speak to the youth on the theme of Christian integrity.

The second event will be four days of spiritual awakening which will lead us into thoughts of Passover.

The new church that has just been born in the village of Klologo, 85 KM away from the main church. Klologo is a village where the majority of the residents worship fetishes (voodoo) instead of the living God Who created them. Now we note those who forsake idols to serve the living and true God and we praise God for them.

We pray that God will provide us with $2,500 US to purchase the land that will serve as the permanent place of worship for the church in Klologo.


1. The Covid-19 infection rate is going down.
2. Strength, courage, and health to serve God day after day
3. Growth of the new church of Klologo — 85 KM from the main church

Prayer Requests:

1. Wisdom to lead my family and the church
2. My wife’s blood pressure and toothache
3. A lady named Dami is stricke4n with high blood pressure.


$800 US for the continuity of the main church building
$2,000 US for the construction of the pastor’s office in the church compound
$2,500 US to purchase land for a place of worship for the new church in Klologo

Thank you for your fervent prayers and financial support.

May the Lord keep you and support you under His wings.

Happy Easter!

Pastor Etienne Kodjo A. Degbey
Serving with IGM