“Not unto us, o Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake. (Psalm 115: 1)

Dear Brethren,

Warm Christian greetings in the name of our all-powerful God. I wish you a productive 2022.

Our red sea may roll before us, the desert may entrap us, and our enemy may press on our heels; our future may seem dark but our God is at work on our behalf. Our God reigns. The Lord’s rule is majestic, sovereign, and eternal. All praise to Him Who reigns above in majesty supreme.

I thank you for your prayers and financial support throughout 2021. It has been a difficult year for everyone but you were faithful in supporting us despite the challenges you faced. Thanks for the sacrifices you have made to help us.

  Ministry Update

Our Church continues to use a combination of online and “in-person” meetings in conducting our services. The Sunday worship is held mostly via the Zoom platform but sometimes we meet at the Church building. Our Bible study and prayer meeting is strictly via Zoom. Counseling sessions are done mostly via Zoom but a few times face to face.

Some of our members were infected by the Coronavirus between October and December 2021, but thank God they are now fully recovered.

In the month of November one of our young ladies’ house caught fire and she was badly burned. She was also pregnant at the time of the fire. Both of them died a few days after the incident. One of our young men suffered a heart attack in the month of November. He is recovering nicely but must have surgery soon. His name is Shivanan Khan, please pray that Lord will provide the finances for that surgery.

We are asking you please to pray with us regarding these ministries that we want to start in 2022.

1. Early Risers Link up with God. (This is a special prayer meeting 5-6 am one day per week.)

2. Digital Outreach Ministry. (One Sunday afternoon each month at least an hour will be used to witness online.)

3. Spiritual Enrichment Sessions. (This is to help our members with spiritual growth.)

4. Online Bible Club Ministry for Children.


                                                       Other Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the new families that are connecting to our Church.

2. Pray for more laborers in the vineyard.

3. Pray that God will grant us good health and wisdom as we continue to labor in His vineyard.

Once again let me say we truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. Souls are being challenged and the kingdom of God is being advanced.


Yours in the service of Jesus Christ,

Garnet Samuels (Pastor)