Dear Dr. Gary Newhart and all prayer partners, receive much greetings from me and my family. How are you doing?  Here we are doing well serving the lord Jesus Christ.

I thank God for your prayers as I went to the Sebei region.

We thank God for Pastor Russ Alexander and Mama Joyce for financing Lukalesi Baptist Church in construction. The work in progress has reached to the ring beam (Editor’s note: The ring beam is the last thing added to the walls before the roof goes on.). We are now looking at the last phase of construction. I stayed there nine days and God was in control.

Now I am back to my home.

Again, I want to inform you that on the 17th – 19th of February 2022, we are going to have our Bible college class. Therefore, I ask for your prayers.




Paul Syaiti and Irene

National Field Representative