“A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” –John 13:34-35

Dear Faithful Ones:

You all are deeply appreciated for praying for us and for being so faithful in financially supporting us.  Your love and faithfullness enable us to fulfill God’s calling in our lives. We are in the throngs of transitioning from Executive Director to Executive Director Emeritus.  Not much in the area of duties will be changing here at the office of IGM for several months until the new director arrives at the Mission permently. You know the difficulties economically in purchasing a new home and the inflation that is going on at the moment.  Presently, Dr. Reed is exiting from the US Army after 37 years which is not a simple task of just saying, “I am quitting!”  He and his wife, Shelley, along with their two wonderful children, have a good perspective. Dr. Reed told me, “You are my ambassador.” Praise the Lord for technology. We should be able to communicate readily through TEAMS. A good analogy of a transition is a puzzle.  There are a lot of pieces on the table and they are being put together one piece at a time. Our love for this family is growing day by day and through it all, we are seeing the blessing at the right time. Our precious Lord and Savior is helping us all to get the right pieces of the puzzle in the right places at the right time. We are not retiring but redirecting so as to help IGM when possible.  This February, we will have served IGM for 22 years. We will continue to rely on you as our prayer partners and/or supporters.


l have communicated before the necessity of God’s unconditional love.  Yet, God puts a high premium on love for He said, “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another;. . .” He was not putting this forward as a suggestion but rather as a commandment.  It goes a lot deeper than saying the words, “I love you!” It entails a visible action through the demonstration of our lifestyle. This comandment is to His children (one another) that this love should be observable to all people around us.  It could be said, “Actions speak louder than words!” He gives an explicit reason, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples…”


Gary and Nancy Newhart                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Your Missionaries for His Glory!



  • Dr. Lex & Shelley Reed & two children as the New IGM Executive Director Family. House in Rochester, NY area
  • For our faithful prayer partners and/or supporters
  • For daily strength, wisdom, and health to serve our Savior
  • God’s continued work in bringing souls to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus
  • The many souls who have declared their profession of faith through baptism


  • Safety from COVID-19
  • Continued good health
  • Continued financial support, both for personal and travel


  • Hire an Office Manager to take Nancy’s place
  • Pray for Volunteers
  1. Willing to be of help in the Office.
  2. Willing to help with cleaning, etc.
  3. Maintain the six flower gardens.
  4. Paint the outside of the IGM house


  • Pray for more MSA (Mission Service Account) funds to operate the Mission.
  • Pray for a vehicle that runs well and the body is in good condition. (tax- deductible)
  • Pray for Michael Grubbs, our Communications Coordinator, who is booking meetings for Spring as he finishes booking meetings for K. Vijayanandam, National Church Planter going to meetings, March 6—April 10, 2022. If interested in scheduling meetings, please call Michael. (See schedule – Need Meetings for ES – March 6, ES, April 10, SS, MS and  April 10 – ES)
  • Pray for: Letter number two for the GROWING IN FAITH Campaign was sent out in December. Presently, 38% of the needed $100,000 has been received. We still need to reach the total goal of $100,000 during 2022.


Tentative IGM Activities

(Activities all depend on the Pandemic situation)

National Church Planter, K. Vijayanandam, India

March   6—30, April 10– New York, Pennsylvania & Michigan area.

April 1-7 Dr. Lex Reed –  Tennessee Area

  1. Vijayanandam – Schedule

Mar.   6 – SS, MS-Bradford Baptist Church, Bradford, NY

Mar.   6—ES – Need Meeting

Mar.   9 – Wed.-Charity Bible Ch., Scottsville, NY

Mar. 13 – MS – Embassy of Christ Bible Ch., Rochester, NY

Mar. 13—ES – Allegany Baptist Church, Allegany, NY

Mar. 16 – Wed.- New Life Baptist Ch., New Wilmington, PA

Mar. 20 – SS, MS-Bible Baptist Church, Oswego, NY

Mar. 20 – ES – Williamson Bible Baptist Church, NY

Mar. 23 – Wed.-Grace Baptist Church, Marion, NY

Mar. 27 –SS-MS-Grace Bible Church, New Castle, PA

Mar. 27 –ES-Lighthouse Baptist Church, Hermitage, PA

Mar. 30 – Wed.-Woodward Baptist Church, Byron Center,MI

April    1 – 7 – With Dr. Lex Reed in Tennessee

April  10 – SS, MS–Need Meeting

April  10 – ES-Need Meeting

March 8—IGM Quarterly Council Meeting

June   13 —IGM Council Meeting

Sept.    4—Oct. 9 – National Church Pastor Trip

Sept.   12—IGM Council Meeting

Dec.    13—IGM Annual Council Meeting