“As long as it is day, we must do the work of him that sent me. Night is coming, when no man can work’ (John 9:4, NIV). Sure, the Lord reminds us not to lose focus of our purpose and calling while we still have time. As we end the third quarter of this years, we are again grateful to the Lord for life, health, and all His goodness toward us. Although the Lord saw it fit, in His own timing and will, to take away one of our brothers and friends, a missionary of the IGM, Moses Weidehgar, Sr., in early June, we ended the quarter successfully. We thank all of our supporters and prayer partners for the supports and prayer.

Our family and Orphans Ministry

Our family is doing fine. Many thanks to all of our supporters and prayer partners for helping us care for our orphans.  At the end of the school year, all of the children made successful passes to the next classes. As schools prepare to open, it will cost USD$2,565 to put the children (more than 20) in school. We will appreciate whatever help you can give. Our elder son, Mac, will be traveling to Rwanda, East Africa, to do his master in development studies.

Since this year, we have not experience any major sickness except for malaria, which is prevalent during the rainy season. While Rose (58), my wife sometimes feels pain in the hip due to the major back surgeries she underwent in Ghana nine years ago, her health is relatively fine.


The Church

The church continues to hold two services in adherence to the Coronavirus mandate of social         distancing. In person services continue here with straight adherence to the Covid 19 protocols. The gospel message continues to be preached during our two services. The Evangelism department remained active by reaching out in the communities, and visiting first time visitors. Our fellowships around the city and the country remained opened and functional. As the result of the preaching from the pulpit and outreach, people are being saved and new converts are being baptized. Two of our fellowships are undertaking the rebuilding of their edifice. The Central Baptist Fellowship is constructing a new building, while the Believers Baptist church is embarking on erecting a new edifice.

The average attendance for the combined services is as followed:

  1. Children -57
  2. Adults’ Regular Worship Services
  3. First service- 87
  4. Second service- 219
  5. Wednesday Prayer Meeting- 15.
  6. Baptismal class

Works on the church’s downstairs edifice, where we presently worship, have not yet resumed due to shortfall in our offering collection as the result of the pandemic. Like many countries around the world, Covid-19 has greatly affected our economic. We however thank the Lord for His continued provision for the church. With some money on hand (USD$2,600), we hope to begin the tilling of the edifice before the church’s anniversary in December. The cost for the tilling is US$ 8,697.

Substantial progress was made by the Men Department on the Todee’ school project during this quarter. At present, the roofing of the building is progressing, thanks to the school board and the men of the church. The first closing program of the school took place two Sundays ago, which saw massive attendance of school board members, men of Calvary, parents, and citizens from the nearby towns and villages. Parents were excited to see their kids reciting Bible verses and demonstrating what they learned.

e Jake Memorial Baptist College

The first school year tuition was free. However, for the next academic year, a minimum of LD$1000 (about USD$6) will be paid. We are expecting to receive more than 100 students for the next school year.

Classes at the Jake Memorial Baptist College resumed early August. During this semester, we introduced computer programs at the College. The installation of doors and the finishing touches on the new building have been delayed due the third wave of the corona virus. In mid-June, Rev. Moses Weidehgar, Sr., director of admission, went to be with the Lord. He is survived by his wife and children.

Fundamental Baptist Women Association Conference

The Fundamental Baptist Women Association of which Rose is the president, will be hosting its 17th annual conference this October. The association brings together for fellowship more than 500 women from our churches in Monrovia and its environs. They are embarking on buying land to build a conference center.

                                                                Prison Ministry

In our efforts to reach Liberia with the gospel, we are also partnering with Pastor James D. Leway, a graduate of the Jake Memorial Baptist College, to take the gospel to prisoners.  With support from friends and us, Pastor Leway preached to over 500 prisoners at major prison centers and police stations in Monrovia and in two other counties during the quarter. More than 200 converts made profession of faith. Please pray for Pastor Leway. He needs one motor bike and support for this ministry.



Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For our health
  2. Funds to put the kids in school ($2,565.
  3. The church tiling project ($6,097)
  4. For my son’s travel to East Africa for schooling and the Lord’s guidance and protection
  5. The Todee’s school project and support for the students
  6. Support for the prison ministry (one motor bike- $1,200).