Dear faithful prayer partners and financial supporters   Greeting from the WODOMEs in Togo.   Lockdown Number 2 and Reopening During the month of September, churches were locked down for a month due to increased contamination of coronavirus. Thankfully they have been opened again since last Sunday October 10. We have had to do home worship for three consecutive Sundays before getting back to church on October 10. Praise the Lord! The statistics of COVID-19 in the country as of October 11 are 27788 positives cases, 24516 healed, 1036 actives and 236 died. As covid -19 vaccination continues, you cannot go to any administration office without proof of vaccination.   Family News It has been challenging health wise. we both were sick but Koffi experience fatigue and pain. But after he started a malaria treatment he feels better and was able to preach last Sunday. Thank you for your prayers.   Moving Forward with the Building Project As we step into our eleventh year of ministry, we place our 10th under the theme of building a sanctuary for the churches, “Let us rise up and build.” Nehemiah 2:18. During all these years, the church met under a shelter which we tried to keep standing, less it falls on as. During rains and storms you can feel the weakness of the structure and water pouring from the roof in different places. “Let us rise up and build.” Our building project is comprised of three units.
  1. The worship temple
  2. The pastor’s parsonage and prophet chamber
  3. The Children’s rooms and Classrooms of the Christian school project.
We have started making some bricks and will continue to do so. Our biggest challenge is to raise 126,000 dollars for the entire project. Yet the execution will be in different steps. The first step will be laying the foundation of the building including the pillars in January 2021. The second step will be the pouring of the concrete roof. The third step will be the building of the parsonage where the future pastor will live and won’t have to worry about renting. The last step will be the building of classrooms on top of the worship temple. The Christian school will give us means to reach more children and families for Christ.   Breaking down the project we would like to let you know the list and cost of materials needed to start the project. Please see the chart below for details. We hope to have that amount to cover the purchase of those materials so we can start the groundbreaking in January 2022. WOULD YOU PRAY? WOULD YOU GIVE?     SUPPLIES MATERIALS FOR THE FOUNDATION OF THE CHURCH BUILDING DESIGNATION UNIT QUANTITY UNIT PRICE TOTAL Cement Ton 16.5 $144 $2376 Gravel  Load (10m3 truck) 4 loads $396 $1584 Sand  Load (10m3 truck) 5 loads $171 $ 855 Steel Bar of 6  300 $1.34 $402 Bar of 10  70 $3.41 $239 Bar of 12  90 $4.85 $436 Bar of 14  28 $7.55 $211 WIRE  8 $3.6 $29   Embankment sand load (10m3 truck) 12 171.86 $2062   TOTAL    $8,195 NEED $12,000 MINIMUM TO START THE FOUNDATION BY JANUARY 2022 Please send all fund to: International Gospel Missions 990 Calkins Road, Rochester NY 14623 Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Together, we reach Togo for Christ. Koffi, Elisabeth and Samuel WODOME