Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,


Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord. My family and I are currently doing well by His grace. I hope and pray that you are well and staying healthy along with your family.

We really appreciate your perpetual prayers and financial support to us and the ministry. This has been a pillar for us in reaching the lost and edifying the found through Macedonia Baptist Church for the cause of Christ. Our church continues to grow numerically and spiritually as we remain faithful in our Mission statement of knowing Christ and making Him known. Keep praying with us that, together, we might continue reaching the world for Christ.

On August 29th, we had a program of inviting the street children in our church and 22 came. We managed to have them take a shower and have their hair cut. We gave them new clothes, the message was presented to them, and later on, they had food at church. We thank God that out of the 22 that were invited, 3 are coming to our church and seem to be committed to Christ. Pray that this program continues as even on the streets, “The harvest is plenteous.”.

By God’s grace, we started the construction of the Macedonia Baptist Church’s building. We did the excavation of the site, worked on the columns and footers, and cast the concrete in the foundation. We thank God for His provision that has so far allowed us to make this progress and we pray that what He has started will continue and be accomplished for His glory.

We thank God that our fellow co-workers we partner with in our Fellowship from different autonomous churches are also doing great. We have continued to touch base with them through Bible classes and just coming together for fellowship, Covid-19 notwithstanding. Before I made a trip to the USA at the end of August, I had just attempted to finish my first year Hebrew class. What a privilege it is that the Lord has provided through our fellowship the opportunity to learn the truth as He has revealed Himself in His Word.


  1. Strength and wisdom as we serve Him
  2. Spiritual and numerical growth of our church


Prayer Requests:


  1. Pray for His protection and wisdom as we serve Him in Africa.
  2. Pray for fellow folks around the globe who are infected or affected by the pandemic – I was exposed here in the USA.
  3. Pray for the provision for the construction of Macedonia Baptist Church in phases — $23,000 currently needed.

May the Lord bless you all.

Yours in Christ,

Anthony and Sheilah Juma