« I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go : I will guide thee with mine eye » (Psalm 32 :8)


Beloved in the Lord,

It is with a grateful heart that we share our news with you. We know that your prayers continually ascend before the throne of the Lord of our behalf and we feel it daily in our ministry. We also appreciate your financial support and thank you with all our heart!

During this third quarter the Lord supported us in various aspects of the ministry. So far he has protected and preserved us from serious disease and we continue our ministry freely despite the covid-19. Thank you very much for your help allowed us to repair our church ; we came back in and worship our Lord with joy.

Thus, in July we organized a week of capacity building training for emerging church leaders from Sakoula and Bigtogo. This equipped these leaders with advantages in leading worship, leading worship and praise during services, and also how to properly prepare for a Bible study or teaching. We are gratiful to the Lord for how this training was done.

From August 9th to 13th Naomi and I were invited to the couples retreat from a church, about 350kms from Ouaga. We had some problems with our vehicle, because of it old age, it breaks down frequently. But it was an excellent moment of sharing with the 30 couples who took part. The topic was, “effective communication for a successful married life”. Some women testified that this was the first time after several years of marriage that they had the opportunity to be alone with their husbands and have meaningful conversations. They asked to the church to organize such retreats every year.

From September 9 to 12 was held the children’s camp which gethered 85 children in our primary school. We had planned to mobilize 170 children, but financial difficulties did not allow us to achieve this goal. However, the program went according to our initial plan. The children were amazed by the teaching of the word of God, and they memorized a verse for each session. Several workshops were organized and allowed the children to learn knitting, cooking, music, decoration … etc. The children also enjoyed a visit to an animal park and discovered the richness of God’s creation. It all ended on Sunday with a worship service and thanksgiving. In the evening the children asked the monitors for permission to sleep there again instead of going home. This shows how much this camp has positively impacted their lives. To God be all the glory !!!

Beloved of the Lord, thank you for your prayers! We are preparing for the start of the 2021-2022 school year. We are preparing to receive primary school pupils and women for the vocational training school. The hangar is not completely finished, but the training will resume with the help of the Lord and thanks to your prayers; we remain confident in his providence.


Prayers requests :

1) Pray for the start of the school year, which is a time of anxiety for parents, so that God will help them have the means to enroll their children and pay for supplies.


2) Pray for the finishing of the sewing center shed, we need $ 2150.00 dollars for the roofing and painting.


3) Pray that the Lord will provide $ 8,500.00 for the purchase of a used vehicle for family and ministry.