Dear Faithful Financial and Prayer Supporters in Jesus Christ, our Soon-coming King,

I pause to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the support that you have given over the years. This has helped tremendously in carrying out the duties given to me in the ministry.

This year has been a very special one for me for several reasons:

On January 4th, I celebrated my 59th spiritual birthday.

In June, I completed 55 years of pastoring.

On August 1st, as a nation we celebrated 183 years of emancipation from colonial rule.

As a nation, we celebrated 59 years of independence on August 6th.

My wife and I give God thanks as we celebrated 47 years of togetherness on August 8th.

We rejoice in the Lord that on August 15th, one member was added to the Sellington Baptist Church through baptism. We ask for your prayers on her behalf.

The signs of the time indicate that Christ’s return is nearer than yesterday. Apart from the Covid virus, this month alone, we have experienced two earthquakes and a tropical storm. Thank the Lord that there were no casualties. We continue to request your prayers and trust that you are safe. With all that is taking place, let us draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ and let us continue to watch, pray, and work.


Yours in Christ and in Service with IGM,

Rev. Sylvester A. Greene and Family