Dear Brethren,

We thank Almighy God for His grace that has kept us safe during Covid. We hope the same applies to you all.


We have two new churches that we started during this pandemic — one has 42 members and the other one, 28 members so far. These two churches have no building, and we are constructing the buildings and it may take us a long time to finish them.

All the other churches are doing well and we thank you for your prayers. In the mother church, we are now building a toilet because the one we were using sank last year.

Prayer Requests

Finances to put the roof on the two churches

Finances to finish up the toilet

A motorbike for the ministry

Finances to renovate our old house

A laptop for the ministry



Drought in our place

Famine in our place

Building churches

I thank the IGM team for how they have been a help to me and my family in the ministry.

Pray for us and the ministry in Kenya.

God bless you.

Rev. Pite