Hallelujah, brethren! Blessed be the Lord God, our Almighty.

I trust that you are all doing well in Christ Jesus. This is the same testimony to us as a family.

I’m once again coming to you with an update on Duncan and Joseph. God has continued to heal and bring recovery to them as we are daily praying unto God. Yesterday, we went for a checkup and the doctor told us that Joseph is now ok. Duncan is also responding well to the medication. In fact, previously Duncan was assigned to go twice in a week for the checkup but as from yesterday, the doctor said that he will go once in a week because he was recovering well. Brethren, we have no option but to praise and glorify God our Father for the great healing. Therefore, let’s rejoice together for God’s answers to our prayers. There is a high chance that the last appointment for a checkup in Eldoret might be on 9/7/2021. Due to that, then, we might be going back home early next month while Duncan will be going to Nairobi where he will be continuing with his checkups as the doctor said he will be seeing him there. Glory to God for how far He has taken us.

However, we still need your prayers for the full healing and recovery and for the other necessities. Once again, I say thank you so much and may God be on your side as you go about your daily activities in life.

Wishing you peace in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Pastor Kalama