Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Greetings in the matchless love of our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. We are all fine and hoping that the same applies to you and yours.

We just praise the Lord that amid the Covid 19 pandemic, we have remained firm in discharging our mandate for the cause of Christ and representing YHWH the way He has revealed Himself in His Word. Because of the pandemic surge in our region, physical gathering in our churches has been suspended for 60 days. However, as a church family we resorted to house-to-house meetings every Sunday, just as the early Christian Community did in Acts 2:42 – 47. In the process, we live to see perpetual fellowship of believers in small groups, the preaching of the Word, and some committing their life to Christ!  Every Sunday, I am teaching and preaching in 3 house churches and 3 others are handled by 2 co-servants in Christ. Pray for this zeal and passion to continue to avoid spiritual apathy seen from some people when physical gathering is suspended.

We have also sensed the Lord’s working in the midst of some of the churches we fellowship with. Growth continues both spiritually and numerically. We indeed appreciate your perpetual prayers and financial support which energizes us to reach out to the unreached and edify the found for the cause of Christ.


  1. His protection amid Covid -19 and provision for Macedonia Baptist Church property. The property was fully paid despite the Covid 19.
  2. Growth in our church spiritually and numerically
  3. Growth seen in like-minded churches we fellowship with

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for wisdom and strength as we remain faithful in representing YHWH as He has revealed Himself.
  2. Pray for His provision to build the Macedonia Baptist Church’s building.
  3. Pray for more open opportunities for us to proclaim Christ, our Savior.


May God bless you and keep you well for His service.


Your Fellow Laborer in Christ,

Pastor Anthony & Sister Sheila Juma

Macedonia Baptist Church,

Acts 16:10