Dear Beloved in Jesus Christ, Prayer Partners and Financial Supporters,


We salute you in the unconditional love of our Lord Jesus Christ, the coming One.

We hope you are fine, kept from the pandemic, and doing well in your activities.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for financial support; it strengthens us in the ministry. It helps us to stand and to go forward. May the Lord be praised.

By God’s grace, we are persevering, and the ministry is surviving in spite of trials.

Family News

By the protection of God, I and my family are doing well. The first part of the studies I was doing, Master in Discipleship, that is ‘’Accomplish the Great Commission’’ with Teleo Network University has ended. By God’s grace, our graduation will be in September 2021. Those studies brought training, equipment for our communities, and teachings for our pastor colleagues that were not in that college. Praise the Lord. For the end of that study and the graduation we may pay $600 USD.

My wife, Essita, never recovered her little Job in nursing school after the COVID in 2019 was lifted. She helps 2 times a week in CDE, a Church and Compassion Center for children in poverty. She is teaching them the Word of God and crafts (wool garment & nylon bag making).

Our first daughter, Phoebe, is writing her thesis for her bachelor’s degree and she is teaching in Sunday school, too. Eunice is doing her first year at university and she is a singer in the church. Nathan missed his high school diploma last week. He has to do that exam next year. He is playing drums during the church Services. Pouguininseli Blessing, our last daughter, succeeded in high school class 3.

The effect of covid (borders closed) and the worsening of terrorism make many things too expensive in our country.

For our family life, we are missing some support, so we are struggling to pay our house rent. Please pray.

In spite of it all, we thank God so much for the good health He is giving to the whole family. May His Name be praised.


In January 2021, our shed was removed from the borrowed land on which we were ministering. Then we were renting a tent every Sunday for the service, for we were allowed to stay there for a time. After 5 month of renting tents, this blessing ended. But the Lord provided through you the money to buy our own tent, a new one. Praise the Lord.

We are praising the Lord for providing a beautiful tent for us. We will rent no more and when our pavilion (structure in which to meet) is built, the tent will be used for Sunday school activities.

In May 2021, during the evangelism program when we were worshiping under a tent, about 25 teens and children received the Lord into their life and about 15 of them were coming to church after their decision. God encouraged us greatly by good fishing when we were concerned about a good place of worship.

We thank our donors and our prayer partners for that great support. May God bless you abundantly.

Land Matter

The new challenge is again the land. Since June, the time they allowed us to stay on the sold land was over. So, we no longer have a place to set up our tent. We are worshiping now under a mango tree in the courtyard of our rented house as you can see on the pictures. The difficulty is there are 3 different families who share the same courtyard, so we are not really free there for worship, and we are in the rainy season.

There is a particular opportunity in this moment to have for $ 14,000 USD a piece of land 800 square meters, a medium one is 7,000 USD 400 square meters, in Ouagadougou and particularly in the same area we are. That is cheaper, many people are running after that opportunity. It shall not stand a long time.

So we would like all of us to kneel before God and pray that we may be able to reach that opportunity, a property for the church, before it is gone.



We thank God for giving us health. He protects us from Covid and from malaria and from terrorists.

We thank God for providing our daughter, Eunice’s, university schooling. We pay $400 USD. The remaining cost is $100 USD.

We thank God for the new converts in May.

We thank God that He provided a new tent for the church.

We thank God for the end of my discipleship master’s degree training.

Prayer Requests:

We are praying to God to keep us in good health and deliver our country from terrorists and Jihadists.

We are praying for the growing of the newly converted.

Pray for the need of house rent from January to July 2021, $900 USD.

Pray for our graduation in September 2021, need $600 USD.

Pray for a place for the church and these opportunities in these weeks, $14,000 UDS.

“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24 KJV

For the one whom He commands to serve Him, to do His will, He will provide.

Brethren, pray for us.


Yours in His Unconditional Love,

Pastor Thimote & Essita Dayamba

Emmanuel Church of Bendogo

Baptist Bible Partnership Ministry

Burkina Faso, West Africa