Dear Praying Partners,

We approach another day having to deal with the unthinkable, COVID. Denise and I have been quarantined to our home as we battle the symptoms of Covid. Our symptoms have been of a sinus infection in nature with little fever, and smell and taste still intact. Our doctor shared with us that this new variant acts like a sinus infection and so we were tested, and it was positive. We have been put on Ivermectin and a Z-pack. So far so good, and I would ask you keep us in all your prayers. Still have the sore throat, cough, ear infection and stuffy nose. Fortunately, I won’t miss any meetings as this weekend was an open weekend for me. This is our first time, so God has been good all these months!!! Pray, pray, pray especially for Denise as her immune system is weak😥

Our ministry in Cote D’Ivoire continues to move forth even in these difficult days. Our new church plant in Guitry is growing strong and has seen the two parcels of land we purchased for the church finalized through the local govt. In fact, we have begun to make the blocks in hopes of erecting a building in the near future. We are needing around $10,000 to accomplish this task. Please pray with us for these needed funds.

In addition, the evangelistic equipment has all been purchased and was used in one of the areas in which another new church was planted and saw over 23 salvations during that church rally. God is so good!!! We also purchased the generator for our church in Valvoua that was provided through Harvest Bible Fellowship in Rochester, NY.  This provides the much-needed electricity that allows them to run lights and their musical instruments in the newly-constructed church building.

We are also asking prayer for one of our orphan children in Cote D’Ivoire who is fighting cancer and is currently in the hospital in the capital city of Abidjan. Her name is Djon Die Annicette. She is in need of $1,000 to help with her medical needs to keep her in her chemo treatment. So very sad and hard to see these young ones suffer through this. Please pray for this young girl😥😥😥

Finally, we ask that you pray for our monthly support. As I mentioned in our last letter, we have lost close to $1200 since the onset of Covid. Please, if any of you individuals could pick us up for $25 or more a month, it would go such a long way to helping us. We thank you for your faithfulness in supporting us, however, any increase possible would be such a blessing. We understand the times are difficult, but God is able😉. Thank you for praying with us about this.

We love each and every one of you and all you do and sacrifice in helping us reach Cote D’Ivoire for Christ. May our Lord richly bless your efforts.

With Much LOVE,

Jim for the Arnolds




Pray for us as we battle Covid that God will bring complete healing!!!

Pray for the needed $10,000 for the construction of a church building for our new church plant in   Guitry.

Pray for the needed $1000 for our orphan going through cancer.

Remaining funds needed for a motorcycle for one of our pastors.