“Praise ye the Lord! O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever” Psalm 106:1.

The family is having some health issues. Nicole’s back pains came back in spite of all the doctors she has seen, all the scan they did, and all the medicines she took. We called a doctor last week and he prescribed her another two types of drugs, which she is taking now. Please continue praying for her and for all our health conditions.

We are very thankful to the Lord that we are in the rainy season. This is helping us to collect rainwater for use in the house and sometimes we can still buy water from outside if needed. We still desperately need running water for the house. So far, we have a total of $755.13 for the well. Please pray with us that the Lord may provide for the rest in His time.

We have finished with the foundation of Ateda’s church. The foundation of this church building cost about $ 3,000 and the church contributed about $1,000 towards it. We are now buying the material for the foundation of one of the churches in Sokode.

From Afiandegnigban Lome, in the South of the Country

Jeanne has three children: 7-year-old twins and a 6-month-old baby. When we started the church, the twins could not come. Sometime later, they moved, and we lost track of them. When we resumed evangelism in the neighborhood, my wife and I saw two women in front of a house. We approached them and we talked to them about Jesus. Jeanne recognized us immediately. Both listened to us well and Joan decided to accept Christ as her Savior. Jeanne is ready to worship with us. Her husband is also interested in the Gospel but he does not want to make the decision yet. Please, pray together with us for his salvation.

From Kagome, in the South of the Country

Georgette is a hairdresser. A sister living in the same house with her invited her to church one Sunday. After the service, I met with her. I presented her with the Gospel message. I prayed with her and she accepted Jesus as her Savior. Since then, she has been coming to church regularly with her two children. Her husband is not converted and she asks us each time to pray for his salvation.

Kpalime, in the Southeast of the Country

Two people were baptized.

From Sokode, Center of the Country

We continue having an open-air film projection each month. We used to have a crowd for each of them. Several people responded to the invitation to accept Christ, but they have not come back to worship with us. Pray with us that the Spirit of the Lord speak to them so that they may decide to join us. Maybe they are looking at the size of our church building. Pray with us for numerical and spiritual growth.

From Temple Shalom in the North of the Country

A woman started coming to Temple Shalom with her two daughters. Last Wednesday, we visited her, and her husband was around. It was a good opportunity to share the Gospel message with him. He was so interested in the Word of God, but he is not saved. Please, pray for his salvation. He has promised to visit us. Pray also for spiritual growth of the woman.

From Lassa Akasside in the North of the Country

It is really amazing what is happening with this new ministry in this village. The people are so thirsty for the Word of God, and it shows in their actions. Please, continue praying for their spiritual growth. It rains often and heavily this time of the year, and this is preventing us from holding our meetings regularly because we are having open-air meetings. Last week, we missed two evening meetings. We are praying that the Lord may help us to find a good meeting place soon.

We are very thankful to all of you for having this big part in this ministry of the Lord in this part of the world; and because of you, we continue doing what we are doing for His glory.

May His blessings be upon all of you greatly.

In the Service of King of Kings,

Pastor Paul & Nicole ASSIGNON