Last Sunday, July 25th, 2021, the Biblical Baptist Church “LA SOLUTION” of Adakpame, Kanyikope celebrated a twenty-year journey with our Lord Jesus Christ. The theme was: “Not Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together” from Hebrew 10: 25 and was hosted by Reverend Pastor Etienne Adje K. Degbey.

On this occasion, three pastors: Kpogo, Kakassina and Tchalime, were ordained by Rev. Dr. Kouami Midekor, founder of IGM TOGO in the presence of twenty-five other pastors.

The church is in full swing.  We thank God for all of you that contributed to the success of this great event.

We thank God for your faithful prayers which only advance the work of the Lord’s kingdom.  After having celebrated the 20 years of existence of the church on 07/25/2021, we thank and honor the Name of the Lord and we are so grateful for everything. However, the construction of His temple (church building) remains unfinished.  We pray to God that He would provide $10,000 US for the temple of God to be completed by His grace.  To you, our donors, l always believe that our God will never fail to meet your expectations.  May the Lord prosper your activities and may health, strength, and wisdom be your share.

God richly bless you and strengthen you.


Etienne Kodjo Degbey